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Students in the four tracks of the English major—Literature, Literature/Secondary Education, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric and Composition—benefit from small class sizes, active faculty mentoring, and participation in student organizations such as the English Club, honors societies, and the Creative Writing Club.

English students are among the most active on campus in undergraduate research projects and presentations, valuable preparation for a competitive job market. Students in all tracks of the English major acquire thorough preparation in a variety of valuable transferable skills:

  • close reading
  • analyzing
  • constructing and defending arguments
  • producing thoroughly edited and polished writing

With a solid foundation in such skills and in the study of the liberal arts, English graduates enter a wide variety of professional fields, including law, medicine, writing, business, politics, journalism, and teaching.

English majors are encouraged to select the minors or double majors that will best support the pursuit of their professional goals; the end goal for an English major is always not merely a job, but a rewarding and fulfilling career.



Our department offers a BA in French, a BA in French Education and a minor in French. 



Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. At Augusta University, we answer this demand by offering a BA in Spanish, a BA in Spanish Education and a minor in Spanish.



We offer a certificate to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. The TESOL Certificate is a 15-hour undergraduate certificate.

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Our new Certificate in Linguistics serves students who desire to undertake a scientific study of language as a communication system. While Linguistics is not a study of multiple languages, this certificate program is suitable for students who study one or more languages in addition to English, and it is especially well suited for students who transfer into the institution with significant numbers of credits in a foreign language other than those currently offered at Augusta University.

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