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Although all English majors have many courses in common, each track requires some courses of its own. Read Student Learning Outcomes for all English majors.

  1. English Literature:  May lead to careers that require skill in reading, research, and critical thinking.
  2. English/Secondary Education:  Includes a teaching certificate as preparation for teaching high school English.
  3. Creative Writing:  May lead to a career in writing or editing.
  4. Professional Writing and Rhetoric:  Focuses on editing and writing for academia, business, government, or media.


Choosing which track in which to minor will depend upon your career goals.

  1. English:  A minor in English focuses on one of the concentrations listed above. It complements any major at Augusta University. After passing English 2250 with a C or better, a student may choose any of four minor tracks which require only four English courses from the 3000 and 4000 series.
  2. Women's & Gender Studies:  Offers courses from our department as well as Communication, History, Anthropology & Philosophy, and Social Sciences.
  3. Humanities:  Designed for students who wish to study art, literature, music, and related fields beyond the two required World Humanities courses. It allows students to explore arts and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective.


"Literature is news that stays news."


All English Literature and English/Secondary Education majors are required to complete a Junior and Senior electronic portfolio.

All Professional Writing and Rhetoric majors are also required to complete a Junior and a Senior electronic portfolio.

All Creative Writing majors must compile and submit a Senior Portfolio consisting of works from two different genres.

Graduation Deadlines

  • Applications for graduation are due by midterm of the semester prior to graduation.
  • Graduation portfolios are due by the first week of the graduating semester.
  • Graduating seniors must take the English exit exam during their last semester.

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