Departments & Programs

We are building a creative community of young people wanting to express themselves through art and design. We welcome you to join the Department of Art and Design at Augusta University.

Our goal is to prepare our students for careers in the field of communication or to use communication productively in whichever industry they choose. We also aspire to help our students become leaders in their community and in the professional realm.

Courses in foreign languages and literatures meet the general studies needs of all students and develop communication skills and appreciation for international literatures and cultures.

History, Anthropology, and Philosophy are foundational academic disciplines, which provide training in analyzing and interpreting the human past, the complexity of human social patterns, and the enduring questions about who we are.

Serving the second largest metropolitan area in Georgia, the Department of Music is committed to excellence in teaching, advancing knowledge and skills, and enriching the community in the area of music.

The mission of the Department of Social Sciences is to conduct innovative social science research and teach skills to empower our students to contribute to a better society.