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How can a degree in Communication help me reach my career goals?

Proud graduation for Communication students: Top- Stacie McBride, Taylor Awalt, Kristen Bagley, Summer Keepers, Bryan Stringfellow, Row 2- Laura Bell, Shadan Johnson, Keyanna Arnett, Row 3- Nicholas Hall, Row 4- Rickie Armstrong, Asher PrimusA Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication opens the door to a wide variety of career paths and goals. It empowers students to interact with the world around them, creatively pursue their passion, and make a lasting difference. By teaching students a combination of highly sought-after technical skills and social skills emphasizing effective communication, students are prepared to succeed in a broad range of fields. Learn more about dynamic career options possible for communication majors!

Our degree trains students to apply classroom knowledge to real world situations. Students broaden their horizons and network of contacts through campus clubs, research projects alongside faculty, bi-annual theatre productions, and community internships. Our world-class faculty personally mentor students in small class-size settings. The Communication major culminates in a capstone course called The Agency which ensures students produce work on the level expected in their career field and create a portfolio that puts them ahead of their peers in the job market.

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What courses does a Communication major study?

Professor Matthew Buzzell sets up sound for documentary covering production of Smokefall with cast Rick Davis, Neil Davenport, Benjamin Evans, Allie Berres, and Ceara Hester

The Communication Department offers a variety of courses that challenge students to interact and create, propelling students to new knowledge in human behavior & visual communication while offering hands-on experience in classes teaching students a variety of skills from acting to video editing. Our award-winning faculty create classroom environments where students enjoy learning.  

Some of our more popular courses include:

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Filmmaking and Digital Editing
  • Persuasion
  • Health Communication
  • Acting & Directing

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Can I choose a minor in the Department of Communication?

Absolutely! If a Communication major is not the right path for you, we offer minors in both Communication and Theatre.

Minor in Communication

Surveys show that employers want to hire graduates with excellent communication skills. The Communication minor is an excellent way to develop strong skills that will complement any major area of study.


Minor in Theatre

We can prepare you for a career in theatre—both on the stage and behind it. You can learn to act, direct, and write for the stage. You can also learn to design the sets, light, and sound necessary for productions. Most importantly, you can have the opportunity to develop your skills in front of live audiences on our stages.



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