Potential Industries & Job Titles


Public Relations

A person who works in PR promotes a cause or company they believe in.

Potential industry areas: Hospitals, Universities, Business & Fortune 500 Companies, Celebrities, Government, Hotels/Travel, Non-Profit Organizations, Publishing, Public Relations Companies.

Potential job titles: 
Communications Director
Brand Ambassador
Social Media Coordinator
Public Relations Specialist
Account Manager/Coordinator
Client Relations Director
Event Assistant
Public Relations Manager
Community Relations Coordinator
Media Relations Manager
Communications Vice President

Film, Theatre, & Entertainment

The show must go on, and these professionals make sure it does, whether in front of the lights or behind them.

Potential industry areas: Movie, Television, Radio, Theatre.

Potential job titles: 
Film/Video Editor
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Prop Master
Station Manager
Talent Agent
Stage Manager


A person working in this field finds the important news items of the time and communicates them to the public.

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Potential industry areas: Newspaper, Radio, Television, Web News Sources, Online News Videos.


Potential job titles: 
News Anchor
Radio Personality
Internet Personality
Creative Design Manager
Foreign Correspondent
Sports Information Director
Sports News Reporter
Media Interviewer

Health Communication

Beyond diagnosing, the medical field is filled with careers communicating about health, assisting patients, and working together with medical professionals. 

Potential industry areas: Hospital, Medial Research, Medical Schools, Government, Nonprofits.

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Potential job titles:
Community Health Educator
Hospital Media Specialist
Public Health Project Leader
Grant Writer
Medical Writer/Editor
Health Communication Specialist
Public Health Communication Officer
Outreach Specialist
Health Communication Research Scientist
Health Communication Analyst
User Experience Specialist
Health Education Leader
Grievance & Appeals Specialist
Writing/Photograph/Design Biomedical Research Support
Patient Access Specialist
Admissions Specialist
Insurance Specialist
Patient Advocate

Ministry / Religious Organizations

Before going to seminary, many pastors and other religious workers get an undergraduate foundation in good communication.

Potential industry areas: Churches, Missions Agencies, Religious Schools, Faith-Based Nonprofits.
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Potential job titles: 
Divinity School Student
Youth Minister
Media Minister
Assistant Minister
Director of Communications (Church/Ministry)

Higher Education

Universities increasingly need staff who know how to communicate with students and the community around them.

Potential industry areas: Universities & Colleges.

Higher Education JobsHigher Education Salaries

Potential job titles: 
Career Coach
Academic Advisor
Admissions Counselor
Admissions Director
Alumni Development Coordinator
Special Events Planner
Audio Specialist
Radio Program Producer
Residency Coordinator
News Service Writer
Student Life Coordinator
Communications Manager
University Writer
Content Specialist
Volunteer Coordinator
Grant Writer
Study Abroad Assistant Director

Advertising & Marketing

A communication degree goes hand-in-glove with advertising and marketing, providing both the technical and communicative skills to evaluate an audience and make a message heard.

Potential industry areas: Businesses, Non-Profits, Hospitals, Universities, Government.

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Potential job titles: 
Corporate Communications Director
Marketing Content Specialist
Event Planner
Social Media Director
Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing Coordinator
Media Consultant
Market Researcher
Account Director

Human Resources

Good communication skills are valued in human resources, where professionals recruit and interview new talent, and stay in touch with existing employees to care for their needs.

Potential industry areas: Business, Non-Profit, Government, Hospitals, Universities.

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Potential job titles: 
Internal Communications Manager
Workforce Coordinator
Employee Relations Representative
Training Developer
Communications & Development Associate
Human Resource Administrator
Human Resource Manager

Nonprofit Industry

Is there a cause you believe in? Communication majors find work in nonprofit organizations promoting their cause and spreading the word.

Potential industry areas: Non-Profit Agencies, Religious Organizations, Relief & Development, International Aid, Museums, Government, Hospitals, Universities.


Potential job titles: 
Fundraising Director
Marketing/Communication Manager
Community Programs Coordinator
Event Manager
Client Coordinator
Volunteer Lead
Communications/Content Specialist
Philanthropy Advisor
Project Coordinator
Family Recruiter
Director of Donor Communications
Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Manager
Site Director
Press Officer
Social Marketing Manager
Publications Consultant
Project Specialist
Community Educator
Grant Writer


The ability to communicate and persuade are top skills needed in business, meaning many business fields are willing to consider Communication students right alongside more traditional business majors. 

Potential industry areas: Fortune 500 Companies, Large Corporations, Small/Local Business

Highest Paying Jobs for Communication Majors

Potential job titles: 

Customer Service Representative
Management Consultant
Sales Manager/Representative
Business Manager
Communications Consultant
Also Reference: Marketing & Advertising and Human Resources


The travel industry is worth considering for any communication major who has the urge to see the world, to show others the world, or to practice hospitality for those far from home.

Potential industry areas: Travel Agencies, Travel Magazines/Blogs, Hotels & Airlines, Conference Management


Potential job titles: 

Convention & Marketing Coordinator
Communications Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Hospitality Communication Assistant
Event Specialist
Client Services Manager
Travel Events Representative
Tour Guide
Travel Writer/Blogger
Travel Consultant


Many communication majors find a place in politics, whether running an election campaign, creating public relations press releases, planning events, writing speeches, fundraising, liaising with the community, or even running for office themselves.

Potential industry areas: Political Campaigns, Local/State/National Government Offices, Lobbying Organizations

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Potential job titles: 

Campaign Writer
Campaign Coordinator
Community Affairs Liaison
Speech Writer
Campaign Manager
Elected Official
Event Planner
Public Information Officer
Foreign Relations

Real Estate

Networking and persuasive communication is the essence of real estate success, and that’s why many communication majors find success in this industry.

Potential industry areas: Real Estate Corporate Offices, Real Estate Training Institutes, Local Real Estate Agencies

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Potential job titles: 

Content Writer
Marketing Director
Communication Specialist
Real Estate Administrator
Real Estate Recruiter
Listing Coordinator
Social Media Specialist


Not just insurance agents, but administrative staff higher up the insurance corporate ladder value the skills that come with the Communication degree.

Potential industry areas: Insurance Corporate Offices, Claims, Insurance Training, Local Insurance Agencies

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Potential job titles: 
Quote Writer
Insurance Agent
Investigative Case Manager
Corporate Relations Liaison
Training Specialist
Social Media Coordinator
University Relations Event Coordinator
Communications Lead Consultant
Recruiting Media Strategist
Employee Benefits Specialist


Whether arguing a case before a jury, speaking out on justice issues, or communicating with a client, a Communication degree can be an effective undergraduate foundation for Law School and a lifetime of practicing law.

Potential job titles: 
Law School Student