Experience and Portfolios

Students have terrific opportunities to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

PR marketing stunt for upcoming theatre production, The Effect, with students Stephanie Farmer, Katelyn Montolin, and Amisha Johnson

To promote an upcoming theatre play, students created a PR publicity stunt in which they dressed as health care workers dispensing free pills. When passersby would stop to ask about it, students would hand each of them a prescription recommending they attend the upcoming play and explain how the play dealt with the effects drugs can have on our identity and personality.

Students also interviewed the play’s actors and filmed a professional behind-the-scenes documentary under the guidance of Emmy-nominated faculty member Matthew Buzzell.

In addition to creating posters and programs for the play, students also created a trailer to advertise the performance to the public, presented in a public service announcement format.

On campus opportunities and off-campus internships become part of the students’ resume and work portfolio to help prepare them with the necessary experience to find positions in their future careers.

Click these photos to view some sample student portfolios:

Headshot of Olivia Chalmers linking to an online portfolio of her work
Photo of Chris Lloyd linking to an online portfolio of his work


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