Changes to Courses or Curricula

Course/Curriculum Changes

To make a change to a course or curriculum, consult the following resources:

APC Submission Requirements

The Academic Policies Committee (APC) will meet the first Friday of every month through May 2015. Presently, the Chair of APC is Jennifer Trunzo. Please send all proposals to her at:

To ensure your proposals will be reviewed, try to submit them at least a week ahead of time. If they are not received at least three days before the meeting, they will be held for the following month. APC needs time to circulate and review submissions before meeting.

The following must be done when submitting proposals to the Pamplin APC:

  1. The Curriculum Revision form or the New Course Proposal form must be filled out completely and signed by your chair using an electronic signature.
  2. All New Course proposals must be accompanied by a syllabus that includes a detailed course description, enumerated SLOs, and a list of texts and assignments (but not a day-by-day schedule). APC will review the course to ensure is has appropriate rigor, measurable SLOs, and is sufficiently different from existing courses. The forms, memos, and syllabi must come bundled together in a single PDF document.
  3. APC will not accept memos and syllabi as scans of printed documents or Word files. You must print Word files to PDF, save scanned files as PDFs, and bundle them with the appropriate form. The signature form should be the cover page of the complete PDF document you submit as your proposal. If you don't know how to print to PDF or bundle PDFs, your department's office staff may be able to help.
  4. APC will not convert, scan, or bundle files together for you. You must submit the complete proposal as a single PDF document; otherwise, APC will send it back without review.
  5. If multiple proposals are being submitted by a single department, each proposal must be submitted with a file name that indicates the department, a number for each proposal, an indication whether it is a course or curriculum change, and the date of submission (ex: HAP_1_PHIL_1101_Oct_2014  or  HAP_PHIL_MinorChange_Nov_2014) to allow better bookkeeping and easier tracking.

These requirements help to ensure that the electronic proposals can be viewed and signed properly, which is important for preventing problems that may otherwise delay your proposal or prevent it from being approved.