Students at Orientation

All students are required to participate in the AU Live Virtual Orientation Experience. Please read below on how to fulfill your requirements, lift your Orientation hold, and obtain your course schedule.

 Register for Virtual Orientation.

  • Once you register for Virtual Orientation and Pay the $25 fee you will receive the next steps on gaining access to all AU Live events throughout June and July.
  • After you register for orientation you’ll be emailed your new jag survey for course registration.
    • If you are under 60 credits an Academic Advisor will create a schedule for you.
    • If you are over 60 credits you will be directed to a faculty member in your college for next steps on creating a schedule
  • Once you register for Virtual Orientation you will be placed in an Orientation Mentor Group where you will have the opportunities to meet other new jags and your personal Orientation Mentor who will be a peer mentor throughout your first year with us!



AU Live! Each week you will need to join us for one hour from 11:15am-12:15pm.  You can join us anywhere you have internet access or a phone line. You’ll be able to join via WebEx or by simply calling in.  

June 2020: All June sessions were recorded. Once registered for orientation you will receive the link to what these topics back in your own time.

June 1 – University 1101: Meet your Academic College  

June 8 – University 1102: Meet your Academic Advisor

June 15 – Paying for College

June 17 – Just for the Jag Family (families/parents only)

June 22 – Meeting your Basic Needs

June 29 – Getting Involved in Jag Nation


July 2020: Choose your own Adventure! Join us for as many topics as you’d like to learn more about.

July 6 – JJSP (Required for all Jaguar Jump Start Students ONLY)

July 7 – ROTC/Military & Veterans

July 8 – Honors (Required for all students in the honors program or interested in the honors program)

July 10 – Professional Scholars (Required for all Professional Scholars ONLY)

July 13 – Student Organizations  

July 15 – Fraternity & Sorority Life  

July 16 – Just for the Jag Family (Family/Parent Only)

July 20 – Let’s Talk about Move in (Required for students living on-campus) 

July 27 – Loving the CSRA - Learn about Augusta and the surrounding areas

July 29 – Commuting 101

July 30 – Just for the Jag Family (Family/Parent Only)


Removing your Orientation Hold 

Once registered for orientation will be added to the university’s learning management system, Desire 2 Learn (D2L). You will need to complete the Jag NOW orientation course which is composed of 6 supplemental modules and online quizzes to complete to help reinforce content that all new students need to be successful. Once you complete the D2L quizzes with passing scores for each quiz your orientation OR hold will be lifted within 48 business hours.


Registration for fall Jaguar Nation Orientation & Welcome for students starting Augusta University in Fall 2020 is now open. Don't delay register today! 

The cost to attend your required program is $25.00. Our registration fee covers the cost of the program for the hybrid virtual orientation.

REGISTRATION & Payment Instructions:

*Registration and payment happen in two different systems. Please be sure to follow all steps to ensure you complete both properly.  All fees are non-refundable.

Price Breakdown

  • Virtual Orientation Fee - $25
  1. Log in and complete the Jaguar Nation Registration Form.

  2. After registering for your Jaguar Nation Orientation & Welcome, please follow the payment link provided to you in the pop-up confirmation and/or in the follow-up email sent to your Augusta University email account, to pay your (non-refundable) Orientation Fee and any additional costs associated with your attendance.

    We accept a web check, Discover, Visa and MasterCard. Cash is not accepted.

  3. After payment is received, you will receive a receipt of your payment via email.

Register Here!

*Please Note: Apple devices may produce an error message when attempting to register, please use a PC for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You will receive two confirmations: one confirmation with your Jaguar Nation Orientation & Welcome session date and registration information and the other confirmation will confirm payment.

Jaguar Nation Orientation & Welcome fees (both student and guest) are non-refundable. Deciding not to attend Augusta University or having your admission rescinded due to poor academic performance does not qualify to receive a refund.