Driving Directions

Driving Directions


Coming from Columbia I-20 East to Summerville Campus (Map):

  • Take Exit 196 A/B (Bobby Jones/Walton Way Ext.)
  • Veer right on the first exit (Walton Way Ext.)
  • Turn left at light onto Walton Way Ext.
  • Continue straight through 3 stoplights and get in the left turn lane before the 4th stoplight.  Turn left onto Walton Way.  In about 3 miles, Augusta University - Summerville Campus will be on your right.
  • Take the first right at the Fleming Avenue light.

Coming from Atlanta to the Summerville Campus (Map):

  • Take Wheeler Road Exit
  • At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn right and get into the right lane.
  • Stay in the right lane and continue to the intersection with Walton Way Extension.
  • Turn Right onto Walton Way Extension and move immediately to the left lane.
  • At the light, turn left onto Walton Way.
  • Continue for a couple of miles on Walton Way and look for the campus on the right.
  • Turn right at the Fleming Avenue light.
  • Follow the circular drive around the fountain.
  • Turn right onto Taylor Street.


Coming from Columbia I-20 East to Health Sciences Campus (Map)

Coming from Atlanta to Health Sciences Campus (Map)