Frequently Asked Questions

QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. A QEP is a proposal to enhance student learning in a specific, measurable way.

Our QEP title is Learning by Doing: Discover, Engage, Reflect, Lead.

Augusta University’s inaugural quality enhancement plan, Learning by Doing, enhances student learning and offers a leadership certificate for undergraduate students who engage in new coursework, achieve new learning outcomes, and are exposed to new experiential learning opportunities. The plan will broaden its impact on student learning through a comprehensive effort to develop faculty as innovative teachers who integrate experiential learning. Read the full plan here.

The quest to select and develop our inaugural QEP began in January 2014 and involved multiple teams of faculty, students, staff, and community members representing all Augusta University colleges and key academic and student support services. The principal theme of Experiential Learning, the subthemes of leadership, undergraduate research, and community engagement, and the required student learning outcome (SLO) related to oral and written communications were identified based on submitted QEP themes ideas evaluated in conjunction with past results of the National Survey of Student creative process for conceptualizing and laying the foundation for the plan based on the strengths of two proposals that incorporated these concepts.

For undergraduate students, Learning by Doing provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in their chosen fields to a real-world experience that prepares them for post-college pursuits – and to earn a Leadership Certificate credential that can be added to their resumes. However, even students who do not pursue the Leadership Certificate will benefit from the plan’s enhancements of instructional delivery through activity-based and experiential learning practices across all disciplines.

Students must complete four steps to earn the Leadership Certificate: a prerequisite English or Communications class, a leadership course, QEP-designated courses in your major, and a capstone project. Some students may also opt to replace a leadership experience for one of the QEP-designated courses.

No. The program has been designed so that you can use the same courses that are part of your degree program toward your Leadership Certificate. The newly established leadership course, LDRS 2000, can be taken as a free elective in your core curriculum.

Development of a QEP is required to maintain our accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Our current accreditation expires in December 2016, and the “reaffirmation” of our accreditation will be partly determined by the development of a QEP that is compliant with SACSCOC standards. The SACSCOC will expect us to submit an “Impact Report” on the QEP five years after our reaffirmation.