Learning by Doing

The Office of Experiential Learning is tasked with implementing the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), “Learning by Doing”.

In addition to the expected student learning outcomes, the institution has identified some fundamental, overarching goals of the plan. By identifying these goals, the institution is able to assess impacts broadly throughout the duration of implementing the QEP.

  • GOAL 1. Enhance instructional delivery through activity-based and experiential learning practices. 
  • GOAL 2. Provide opportunities for students to apply skills and knowledge acquired through activity-based and experiential learning in practical experiences. 
  • GOAL 3. Prepare students to be leaders in their future professional, educational, and service endeavors by providing leadership curriculum that can lead to a certificate. 

You will find information associated with implementing these goals on our webpage, whether it’s information about the Certificate of Leadership, faculty development funding, Inquiry 1000, or experiential learning opportunities for students.