Our Mission

The Office of Instructional Support and Innovation (OISI) is a full-service support unit committed to assisting the College of Nursing (CON) faculty in delivering quality, efficacious, and innovative traditional/online/hybrid/simulation courses in a learning community environment for teachers, students, and content.

How We Do It

The OISI collaborates with the CON faculty to increase, maintain, and assess instructional quality to create a shared learning community of teachers, learners, and content.

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Office of Instructional Support and Innovation

Health Sciences Campus

Jennings Building



Faculty Resource Guide

The Faculty Resource Guide is available to assist in navigating and planning for Fall 2020 semester. The guide contains links to instructional continuity resources navigating COVID-19's impact on the fall semester. 



Filming & Production

  • Portable audio & visual equipment including video camera, microphone, audio interface, Cam Link interface
  • Allows for high quality video for presenting audio visual content for video presentations, audio narration for podcasts, and live conferences, interviews, etc.
  • Project development, pre-production, script writing, production, post-production. 

Course Analysis

  • Review objectives and alignment
  • Advise on available educational resources
  • Advise on effective delivery methods

Course Design

  • Review and align course content to match relevant goals and prerequisites
  • Align course material and assessment activities

Course Development

  • Create interactive activities
  • Create audio/visual material

Implementation of Developed Courses

  • Provide training on newly developed interactive activities and materials

Course Delivery Evaluation

  • Determine results of delivery methods