Healthy Grandparents Program

Program Profile

Since 1999, the Healthy Grandparent Program has worked with over 450 grandparents and well over 700 grandchildren.

  • 52% of the children are being raised by their grandparents because of alcohol and/or drug use, and many were exposed to drugs at birth.
  • 87% of children served by the program have little to no contact with their mothers.
  • 93% have little to no contact with their fathers.
  • 20% of the children were placed in foster care before coming to live with their grandparents.
  • 42% were placed with their grandparents by the Division of Family and Children Services.
  • 49% of children had no legal relationship with their grandparents upon enrolling in the program.
  • 62% of the families in the program are headed by single grandmothers.
  • 44% of the grandchildren have either a chronic physical and/or mental health diagnosis.

Grandparent caregivers, who generally have limited incomes and resources, are left to pick up the pieces, filling a tremendous void for these children. They do a remarkable job of addressing their needs and providing stability and permanency the children have never had before.


The Healthy Grandparents Program provides case management services that enable families to identify their needs and access a variety of community resources. Monthly in-home health screenings/counseling by a registered nurse, monthly home visits by a social worker, monthly support/educational group meetings, public benefits counseling, and free custody/adoption assistance is provided. Children with school behavior and/or achievement problems receive monthly school visits by the social worker to identify appropriate interventions. Home and neighborhood safety education includes installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Funds to help pay for the enrollment of children into camp for the summer months is also provided through a grant provided by the CSRA Area Agency on Aging.

National/State Statistics

According to the 2010 census, nearly 1 million children are living in homes across the U.S. headed by their grandparents and neither parent living in the home. In Georgia alone, there are over 128,000 grandparents responsible for their grandchildren's care and over 40,000 of those are caring for their grandchildren without either parent in the home. In Richmond & Columbia counties, there are almost 4,000 grandparents responsible for their grandchildren's care. Almost 2,000 of these grandparents are raising their grandchildren without either parent present.


The Healthy Grandparents Program is funded through an annual competitive grant through Georgia's Department of Human Resources Promoting Safe and Stable Families program with matching funds from the College of Nursing at Augusta University. The CSRA Area Agency on Aging also provides funding to help enroll children into camp during the summer months.


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Mary Lou LaComb Davis, PhD, APRN, CPNP-PC
Program Director

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Program Coordinator