Military Fee Waivers

Military Personnel Waivers

Military Waiver Request

Permanently stationed in the State of Georgia or in a bordering state to Georgia and living in Georgia. Dependent may continue in this status if sponsor is transferred as long as student remains continuously enrolled at Augusta University.

• Copy of orders listing GA as permanent duty station
• Confirmation of active duty military ID or dependent ID (front and back) or copy of DEERS form (DD form 1172)
• Letter from duty station stating orders are current

Military personnel, their spouses, and their dependent children may continue waiver eligibility if:

  1. The military sponsor is reassigned outside of Georgia, and the student(s) remain(s) continuously enrolled and the military sponsor remains on active military status;
  2. The military sponsor is reassigned out-of-state and the spouse and dependent children remain in Georgia and the sponsor remains on active military duty; or,
  3. The active military personnel and their spouse and dependent children are stationed in a state contiguous to the Georgia border and live in Georgia. (BoR Minutes, February 2009; October 2013)

Waiver length is one year or the expiration of military ID information on file if less than one year, waivers MUST be renewed annually.

Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reservist

U.S Military Reserve and GA National Guard Combat Veterans 

Active members of the Georgia National Guard, stationed or assigned to Georgia or or assigned to Georgia or active members of a unit of the U.S. Military Reserves based in Georgia, and their spouses and their dependent children.

• Military orders affirming status in Georgia National Guard/US Military reserves
• Confirmation of military ID card
• Copy of marriage license if needed/Copy of birth certificate or US legal guardian documentation if needed

Recently Separated Military Service Personnel

Recently Separated Waiver

Must have retired or otherwise separated from active duty within 36 months of the first term of enrollment at Augusta University.
Includes spouse or dependents. 

• Copy of DD214
• Copy of current lease or deed
• Copy of Georgia drivers license
• Dependents must also provide federal income tax for indicating dependent relationship

Waiver of Mandatory Fees

Service Members who are currently serving on active duty may have their mandatory fees waived. This waiver only applies to active duty personnel, it does not include dependents or spouses. All military personal who are currently utilizing Tuition Assistance will have their mandatory fees waived.  If the service member is not utilizing TA, those military personnel must provide one of the following:

• Marines – Record of Service (ROS)

• Army – Enlisted/Officer Record Brief  (ERB/ORB)

• Navy – Statement of Service/ Electronic Service Record/Officer Commissioning Record (ESR/OCR)

• Air Force – Single Unit Retrieval Format (SURF)

***Letter/Memo from personnel officer, commanding officer, or commander of unit or higher headquarters stating your active service can be used in lieu of above***

Waiver of Mandatory Fees for U.S. Military Reserve and Georgia National Guard Combat Veterans

Eligible participants must be Georgia residents who are active members of the U.S. Military Reserves and/or the Georgia National Guard and were deployed overseas for active service in a location or locations designated by the U.S. Department of Defense as combat zones on or after September 11, 2001, and served for a consecutive period of one hundred and eighty-one (181) days, or who received full disability as a result of injuries received in such combat zone, or were evacuated from such combat zone due to severe injuries during any period of time while on active service. Additionally, eligible participants must meet the admissions requirements of the applicable USG institution and be accepted for admission.

Eligible participants shall receive a waiver of all mandatory fees charged by USG institutions including, but not limited to:

  1. Intercollegiate athletic fees;
  2. Student health services fees;
  3. Parking and transportation fees, where such fees are mandated for all students:
  4. Technology fees;
  5. Student activity fees;
  6. Fees designated to support leases on facilities such as recreation centers, parking decks, student centers, and similar facilities; and,
  7. Any other such mandatory fees for which all students are required to make payment.

Students receiving this waiver shall be eligible to use the services and facilities these fees are used to provide. This benefit shall not apply to housing, food service, any other elective fees, special fees, or other user fees and charges (e.g., application fees).

Military Service Refunds

Subject to institutional policies, full refunds of tuition and mandatory fees and pro rata refunds of elective fees are hereby authorized for students who are:

  1. Military reservists (including members of the National Guard) who, after having enrolled in a USG institution and paid tuition and fees, receive orders to active duty or are reassigned for temporary duty or mandatory training that prevents completion of the term; (BoR Minutes, June 2011)
  2. Commissioned officers of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC) who receive deployment orders in response to a public health crisis or national emergency after having enrolled in a USG institution and paid tuition and fees; (BoR Minutes, February 2010)
  3. Active duty military personnel who, after having enrolled in a USG institution and paid fees, receive reassignment or a temporary duty assignment or a training assignment that would prevent completion of the term; (BoR Minutes, June 2011) or,
  4. Otherwise unusually and detrimentally affected by the activation of members of the reserve components or the deployment of active duty personnel of the Armed Forces of the United States who demonstrate a need for exceptional equitable relief. (BoR Minutes, June 2011)

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