MCG Wellness Events and newsletter

The goals of MCG Wellness Programs are to educate MCG students about the different areas of health and wellness as outlined by the Augusta University Student Health Services “Be Well” Campaign: emotional/mental wellness, social wellness, financial wellness, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, intellectual wellness, and occupational wellness, to advocate the significance of self-responsibility and accountability in personal health and wellness, and the importance of cultivating good health habits while in medical school, to promote preventive health measures and appropriate behavioral health as future physicians, to implement engaging programs and/or events that influence medical students to evaluate and improve their level of health in the seven dimensions of wellness, and to evaluate student satisfaction with the MCG wellness programs and involve students in the creation and implementation of an MCG wellness community.

Read the latest Wellness Newsletters Below:

MCG Wellness Letter #1 - April 2020

MCG Wellness Letter #2 - May 2020

Student Health Services

The Augusta University Student Health Services & Student Health Clinic provide basic health and preventative services to students with the aim to assist each student in maintaining their maximum physical and emotional health. Visit the Student Health Services website for information regarding immunizations, services, events, health insurance, clinic hours, fees and forms needed to travel abroad. For additional information and a variety of resources regarding student wellness, please visit Jags Choose Wellness.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides free individual counseling services to enrolled students. Located on the Summerville campus, the Counseling Center also has a satellite office on the Health Sciences Campus in the Student Health Center in Pavilion II on Laney-Walker Blvd. Students can call 706-737-1471 to schedule an appointment at either location or you can utilize the walk-in hours. Additionally, the Counseling Center offers a number of seminars and organizes a variety of events (for example Sexual Assault Awareness Month) throughout the academic year and during the summer. Please visit the Counseling Center for additional information, operating hours and a number of resources.

Disability Insurance for Medical Students

All Medical students are charged a mandatory Student Disability Insurance Fee of $93 during the Fall semester of each year of enrollment. If you are a full-time active-duty member of the Armed Forces of any country, then you are not eligible for this insurance and will receive a waiver in your POUNCE account. The active-duty military category includes those students who have been released from in-service for assignments such as attending medical school. For more information, please review the Augusta University Disability Insurance policy.

Campus Recreation Center

It is tough to stay healthy while in medical school or as a resident, however it is extremely important to establish healthy habits now to benefit you over the years to come. The Campus Recreation Center, located on the Health Sciences Campus, offers a variety of group and individual exercise opportunities and classes to help you stay in shape, release stress and better tone your mind & body. Students who are enrolled for six or more credit hours per semester are automatically charged the Campus Recreation Center fee and may use the facilities with their ID badge. Please visit the Campus Recreation Center for additional information, group exercise class schedules, hours of operation and much more.