ECFMG and the Training Program Liaison (TPL)

The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) is the only sponsor for J-1 Physicians who participate in U.S. Clinical Training Programs. 

The designated Training Program Liaison (TPL) serves as the official Institutional Representative to manage communication with ECFMG on behalf of all J-1 Physicians enrolled in its programs.

The TPL streamlines communication between the training program, the J-1 Physician, and ECFMG. This communication ensures regulatory compliance and provides required administrative oversight.

The Role of the Training Program Liaison is to:

  • Initiate and manage the sponsorship application process to ensure timely submission of accurate and complete documentation, including primary source verification of the graduate medical education contract.
  • Monitor arrival and departure of J-1 Physicians.
  • Notify ECFMG in advance of any proposed changes in a physician's approved training program or activity.

TPL Contact Information:

The Training Program Liaison is located in the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME)  Pavilion I, room AE 3042. If you have any questions you may e-mail a TPL by clicking on the TPL name below or by phone at (706) 721-7005.

photo of Jackie Lynn, BA

Jackie Lynn, BA

  • Coordinator, MCG Residency Programs
  • Training Program Liaison, ECFMG
photo of Candice Henderson, MBA

Candice Henderson, MBA

  • Manager, MCG Residency Programs
  • Training Program Liaison, ECFMG