As a Program Coordinator, you play an important role in holding your residency program together, and are responsible for tasks ranging from coordinating interviews, managing schedules, submitting documentation to the GME Office, and providing support for program related activities at all levels of management. A key part of being a successful program coordinator is serving as a valuable resource of information for everyone in your program—faculty, staff and residents.

The information on this page is provided as a resource to give you access to the most current GME Policies, information, and forms, to assist you in your daily activities, and to help you to continue to be a helpful resource for your Program.

Helpful Information for Program Coordinators

Interviewing during COVID-19 Pandemic


HouseStaff Salary & Benefits 

GME Calendars 

HouseStaff Dining & Meal Money

HouseStaff Malpractice Insurance

HouseStaff Leave and FMLA

New HouseStaff Onboarding Forms and Checklists

HouseStaff EHR Training

Clinical Rotation Information

Observership Information

Helpful Resources and Links 

Templates-Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) Master Affiliation Agreement (MAA)

Templates (Forms and Memos)