Teaching Conferences

morning report

Teaching Conferences

Morning Report

Morning report is a major teaching conference, attending physicians serve as moderators and the conference lasts from 8:00-8:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday.  During this time, interns and residents present cases selected from recent admissions.  Each case is then reviewed and discussed among faculty, residents, and medical students, offering exposure to general and subspecialty problems as well as those encountered in the intensive care units.  Each session includes a board review question related to the case. An interactive computerized audience response system is used to facilitate discussion.

Noon Conference

Resident teaching conferences are held most weekdays at noon in CHOG.  These conferences include class specific board review utilizing an interactive computerized audience response system. This system allows for tracking of individual performance throughout residency. Conferences also include lectures which may be given by one of the faculty; however guest lecturers may also be invited.  Noon conference content follows a structure designed to meet the educational needs of the housestaff. Lunch is provided at noon conferences.

Grand Rounds

Pediatric Grand Rounds are held every Friday from 8-9 a.m. and cover a wide spectrum of topics from updates on clinical issues to research presentations.  Grand Rounds are usually presented by a faculty member or a visiting professor and are attended by faculty, housestaff, and medical students.  In addition to Grand Rounds, the Pediatric Department sponsors lectureships and special teaching conferences by nationally recognized speakers several times a year.

Pediatric Resident Evidence Based Medicine Curriculum

The Pediatric Evidence Based Medicine Curriculum is to ensure that all graduating residents can demonstrate the ability to locate, appraise, and assimilate evidence from scientific studies related to their patients’ health problems, use information technology to optimize learning, take primary responsibility for life-ling learning to improve knowledge skills and practice performance. Each PGY-3 presents a case presentation. Each PGY-2 meets  with a faculty champion to discuss a case and journal article later presenting at a noon conference. Each PGY-1 will learn how to utilize information technology to optimize learning and provide a noon conference to discuss current AAP policies.

Continuity Clinic Seminars

From 1:00-1:30 prior to starting their Continuity Clinics, residents participate in a small-group seminar led by Dr. Donna Moore and other attendings.  These seminars cover a broad range of topics involving issues related to primary care, such as well child care, nutrition, common clinical problems, billing, and office management.  The same topic is covered each week so that all residents can participate.  The series is designed to cover most major issues of ambulatory pediatrics over a two year period.

Aiken Morning Conferences

Morning Conferences in Aiken address issues unique to pediatric private practice. To prepare the residents for life after residency, the Aiken attending alternate between informal didactic sessions about common office patient presentations and sessions focusing on literature reviews of new practice guidelines from Pediatrics in Review, Contemporary Pediatrics, and Pediatrics.