photo of Samah Ahmadieh, MD

Samah Ahmadieh, MD

  • Mercer University School of Medicine
  • PGY-2


Horimatsu, T., Blomkalns, A., Ogbi, M., Moses, M., Kim, D., Patel, S., Gilreath, N., Reid, L., Benson, T., Pye, J., Ahmadieh, S., Thompson, A., Robbins, N., Mann, A., Edgell, A., Benjamin, S., Stansfield, B., Huo, Y., Fulton, D., Agarwal, G., Singh, N., Offermanns, S., Weintraub, N. and Kim, H., 2019. Niacin protects against abdominal aortic aneurysm formation via GPR109A independent mechanisms: role of NAD+/nicotinamide. Cardiovascular Research,.

Yiew, N., Greenway, C., Zarzour, A., Ahmadieh, S., Goo, B., Kim, D., Benson, T., Ogbi, M., Tang, Y., Chen, W., Stepp, D., Patel, V., Hilton, R., Lu, X., Hui, D., Kim, H. and Weintraub, N., 2019. Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) regulates adipocyte lipid metabolism independent of adipogenic differentiation: Role of apolipoprotein E. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 294(21), pp.8577-8591.

Ahmadieh, S., Kim, H. and Weintraub, N., 2020. Potential role of perivascular adipose tissue in modulating atherosclerosis. Clinical Science, 134(1), pp.3-13.

photo of Abdelrahman Zaied, MBBCH

Abdelrahman Zaied, MBBCH

  • Mansoura University Faculty of Medicine
  • PGY-1


Currently working on:

  • Effect of microRNA-93 on endothelial cells metabolism in hypoxia dependent angiogensis.
  • Long non-coding RNA DDX11-AS1 role in peripheral arterial disease.
  • The anti-angiogenic VEGF-165b and VEGFR1 signaling in peripheral arterial disease.
  • Long non-coding RNAs and their potential role in COVID-19 pathophysiology.