The Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior has a wide range of research in child and adolescent psychiatry, adult psychiatry, and health psychology. Not only faculty members but many of our trainees as well participate in research  . S everal of our residents have presented their research at national and international meetings in the last year. The success of our research is reflected in our growing funding from the National Institutes of Health. The Department's research collaborations include researchers in several other MCG departments  that  range from genetic biostatistics and genetic epidemiology to clinical endocrinology and basic pharmacology. Faculty members are also involved in a variety of multicenter studies and our ongoing collaborations with research groups in Spain and Finland are strong.


The Future 

The Department's research portfolio is expanding rapidly. A healthy and promising aspect of our research is the degree of collaboration: among faculty members within the department and in other departments at MCG, with trainees, and with friends and colleagues around the country and around the world. Once we have recruited researchers for our endowed chair positions, this feature can only increase. Our vision is to become a department known around the world for its research.