Integral to the MCG-Charlie Norwood VAMC Psychology Internship is continued development of resident research skills and thinking through the ongoing participation in research-scholarship projects.  

During their internship training, the last 10 classes produced 70 scientific publications, submitted an additional 97 papers for publication, and presented 127 papers/posters at national/regional meetings. Each year we evaluate all of the intern papers and give special recognition and a cash award for the intern with the outstanding research paper of the year. Below are the recipients for the past 15 years.

Class of 2019
Lauren VanderBroek Stice
   Lauren VanderBroek Stice
"Social Connectedness and Loneliness Mediate the Association Between Autistic Traits and Internalizing Symptoms Among Young Adults"



Class of 2018
Marie Concepcion Darden

Marie Concepcion Darden
"Sexual compliance: Examining the relationships among sexual want, sexual consent, and sexual assertiveness"


Class of 2017

2017 research paper

Chizara Ahuama-Jonas, PhD

Strength in the Midst of Pain: Abuse as a Predictor of Sexual Relationship Power among Substance-Abusing Black Women



2016 Research Award

Carly Yasinski, PhD

In-Session Caregiver Behavior Predicts Symptom Change in Youth Receiving Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)






Class of 2015 - Monika Stojek, Ph.D
Stress, Cues, and Eating Behavior: Using Drug Addiction Paradigms to Understand Motivation for Food
2015 Research Award

CLASS OF 2014 - Martha Calamaras, Ph.D
Cost and Probability Biases as Mechanisms of Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder
2014 Research Award
CLASS OF 2013 - Paula Prentice
Discomforted by Comfort Food: Slower Physiological Recovery from Stress when Eating Comfort Foods.
2013 Research Award
CLASS OF 2012 - David Szwedo, Ph.D.
The Effects of Exercise on the Psychosocial Functioning of Overweight Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
2012 Research Award

CLASS OF 2011 - Rachel Thompson, Ph.D.
Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Variables as Predictors of
Psychological Response to Trauma Memory Activation
2011 Research Award

CLASS OF 2010 - Jennifer L. Brown, Ph.D.
Computerized Stress Management Training for HIV+ Women: A Pilot Intervention Study
2010 Research Award
CLASS OF 2009 - Jordan Gilleland, M.S.
Understanding the Medically Unexplained: Emotional and 
Familial Influences on Children's Somatic Functioning
2009 Research Award
CLASS OF 2008 - Suzannah Creech, Ph.D.
Written Emotional Disclosure of Trauma Alters Pain Sensitivity
2008 Research Award
CLASS OF 2007 - Karen Petty, Ph.D.
Aerobic Exercise, Self-Worth, and Depression Symptoms in Overweight Children
2007 Research Award
CLASS OF 2006 - Rachel Rose, Ph.D.
Intimate Partner Violence and its Effects on the Health of African American HIV+ Women
2006 Research Award
CLASS OF 2005 - Rebecca Jump, Ph.D.
Fatigue in SLE: Contributions of disease activity, pain, depression, and perceived social support
2005 Research Award