Evaluation Overview

The MCG-CNVAMC Psychology Internship is dedicated to the process of thorough and timely performance feedback to enhance the internship training experience. 

For the Interns, the focus is on the attainment of the Profession-Wide and Program Specific Competencies, and the tools created to track the intern’s progress are intended to be effective guides toward one’s professional development.  To this end, rotation/track supervisors are required to provide verbal feedback regarding targeted competencies throughout the rotational experiences and formal in writing feedback at the end-point of each rotation. Likewise, seminar directors are required to provide formal in writing feedback at the mid-year and end-of-year points regarding intern performance in the seminars. In addition, there are “exams” addressing diagnostic interviewing and case formulation as well as Contextual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in which selected supervisors provide highly detailed and again written feedback regarding these core clinical skills.  Furthermore, we have created tools for interns to use to develop their skills in self-evaluation of the progress that they are making in achieving targeted competencies.  

This Internship is also fully dedicated to obtaining intern feedback as a key component of the on-going quality improvement efforts for the program and individual supervisors.  Consequently, we have created tools to allow interns to provide feedback at the end of each of the 4-month rotations regarding the quality of the training experiences by rotational program and for each of supervisors that involved in the respective intern.  In addition, at the mid-year and end-of-year points, each class is guided to provide an overview of their training experience addressing both strengths and weaknesses of the training efforts.  Finally, at the end of the training year and at the 6-month post-graduate point a survey provided to all internship graduates to obtain their broader perspectives on their internship experience.