Diversity of Interns

Diversity among the interns recruited into the program creates a wonderful opportunity to enhance the diversity of experiences, perspectives, and skills that can substantially enrich the training experience in regard to clinical and professional development.  Fortunately, our internship has enjoyed sustained success in recruiting a relatively high percentage of ethnic minorities into the program with 25 (or 26%) of the 95 interns recruited from 2008 to the present representing racial/ethnic minorities.  Once accepted into the program, our internship has had no difficulties having minority interns successfully complete our program.  Moreover, the Medical College of Georgia(MCG)/ Augusta University(AU) has identified a need campus-wide for improving the attractiveness of MCG/AU as a positive learning environment for minority students, and thus minority student support groups and services have been made available at MCG/AU.  Consequently, in 2010 MCG filled a position of Associate Dean for Diversity Affairs. This individual was recruited to assist our training program in addressing curriculum needs around diversity matters and to assist us in effectively addressing needs of our minority interns.  In addition, Dr. Lindsey West serves as one of our supervising faculty and serves as the Deputy Chief Diversity Officer for the Augusta University. Though not affiliated with the department, it should be noted that Augusta University’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Tiffany Townsend, is a clinical psychologist and is an Associate Professor in our Department of Psychological Sciences.

Diversity of Faculty

The faculty (training supervisors) historically have not been racially/ethnically diverse, although there has been diversity in age and gender, sexual orientation, and learning disability, religious, regional origin. More recently, however, there have been successful efforts to increase racial/ethnic diversity among with the faculty.  In the past 5 years 10 new Ph.D. staff/faculty were recruited with 40% representing racial minorities.