The goal of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship is to provide training leading to competency in the following areas.

  • Identify the neurobiological mechanisms leading to addiction.
  • Assessment and evaluation of substance use disorders across a variety of treatment settings
  • Withdrawal management in inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Medically managed addiction care in outpatient and residential treatment settings
  • Delivery of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral of Treatment
  • Provision of Addiction Medicine Consultative Care
  • Possession of the scientific, socioeconomic and behavioral knowledge to provide care in complex conditions.
  • Develop meaningful, therapeutic relationships with patients, families and other health care professionals.
  • Knowledge and application of appropriate addiction pharmacotherapy
  • Recognition and management of co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions
  • Understanding of laws regarding illicit substances, controlled substance prescribing, substance use disorder confidentiality and informed consent.
  • Demonstration of effective interaction with a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, social workers, nurses, counselors and peers in recovery.

Carry out a scholarly project that makes a defined contribution to the field.