Gregory Harshfield

Gregory Harshfield, PhD, Director, Professor of Pediatrics and Physiology, is a psychologist and physiologist whose research involves the identification of factors related to impaired functioning of the renal body-fluid system and blood pressure in African-Americans and obese individuals and the relationship to target organ damage to the heart, kidney, and vasculature. The factors examined include the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, the endothelial system, natriuretic peptides, and adipose-derived substances including leptin and angiotensinogen as well as genetic polymorphisms related to impaired sodium handling.

Martha Tingen

Martha Tingen, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics with secondary appointments in the Schools of Graduate Studies and Nursing, is a nurse researcher targeting tobacco use prevention in children and tobacco cessation in adolescents and adults through behavioral interventions. Her primary and secondary prevention foci are aimed at preventing premature death and disabilities related to tobacco use to include cardiovascular disease and cancer.