Department of Pathology, Section of Anatomic Pathology


Office Phone: (706) 721-7453 
Office Address: BA E1572 


Associate Professor of Pathology

Medical Director of Autopsy

Resident Program Director

Associate Dean for Students

Class Dean, MCG Class of 2016

Appointment Date

July 1979

Appointment Type



MD, 1979: Medical University of South Carolina

BS, 1975; Wofford College

Residency & Fellowships

1975-1979, Georgia Health Sciences University

Pathology AP/CP

Board Certification(s)

Anatomic Pathology, 1988

Major Interests

Autopsy and Placental Pathology. Cytopathology. Dysmorphology.

Research Areas

Cardiovascular Pathology. Congenital anomalies.

Teaching Areas

Phase II Pathology - lectures, seminars and modules in cardiovascular pathology, pediatric neoplasms, congenital heart anomalies, arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, pneumonia, congenital malformations and genetic diseases. Med Tech - systemic pathology course. Presentation to critical care nursing and pediatric cardiology surgical nursing. Forensic pathology

Selected Publications

 ■ “Clinical Commentary: Granulocytic Fragments in Sepsis”, R. Dalton, J. Krauss, D. Falls, and G. Fuller. Annuals of Clinical & Laboratory Science. 31(4):365-368, 2001.

 ■ “Intimal Thickness and Layering and Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotypes in Aorta of Youth”, R.N. Rao, G. Falls, R. Gerrity, S.N. Sethuraman, D.S. Thiruvaiyaru. Pathobiology. 68(1):18-28, 2000.

 ■ "Unilateral Pulmonary Agenesis Without Mediastinal Displacement", Arlene S. Roque, E.M.Burton, R.Boedy, G.Falls, and J.Bhatia. Southern Medical Journal. 90:335-37.

 ■ "Measurement of Left Ventricular Mass in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Using MRI: Comparison with Echocardiography", J.Allison, F.Flickinger, J.Wright, G.Falls, Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 11:329-334.

 ■ "Unexplained Indirect Hyperbilirubinemia, Hyper-Cholesterolemia, and Spur Cell Formation in Two Male Siblings: A Variant of Cholesterol Ester Deposition", J. Clark, H. Sabio, D. Flannery, D. G. Falls. Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 16:194-198.

 ■ "Fatal Thrombocytopenic Coagulopathy Following Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Clinicopathologic Correlation Implicating Heparin", Southern Medical Journal. (submitted for publication 26 April 1993)

 ■ "Ultrasound Diagnosis of a Twin Gestation with Concordant Body Stalk Anomaly", A. K. Hiett, L. Devoe, D. G. Falls, and S. Martin. Journal of Reproductive Medicine. (In Press 1993).

 ■ "Relationship of Atherosclerosis in Young Men to Serum Lipoprotein Cholesterol Concentrations and Smoking", JAMA, 264:3018-3024. A preliminary report from the Pathobiological Determinants of Atherosclerosis in Youth Research Group, MCGH authors: A. B. Chandler, R. N. Rao, D. G. Falls, B. O. Spurlock, 1990.

 ■ "Bilateral Ovarian Fibromas", D. Rogers, D. Gable, G. Falls, and C. Howell. Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 25:690-691, June, 1990.

 ■ "Bypass Circuits as the Source of Thromboemboli During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation", S. Fink, D. Bockman, C. Howell, G. Falls, and W. Kanto. Journal of Pediatrics 115: 621-624, 1989.


For a complete listing of all publications, see Dr. Fall's work at PubMed.