Department of Pathology, Section of Microbiology

Office Phone: (706) 721-6003Dr. McMullen
Office Address : BA-1668


Assistant Professor of Pathology at Augusta University

Medical Director of Microbiology

Appointment Date

July 2016

Appointment Type



PhD, 2012; University of Texas Medical Branch

MS, 2006; Georgia State University

BS, 2004; Tulane University

Residency & Fellowships

2014 - 2016; Washington University School of Medicine, Clinical Microbiology Fellowship

Board Certification(s)

American Board of Medical Microbiology, 2016

Major Interests

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing and resistance mechanisms


Selected Publications

  • Wilen, C.B., A.R. McMullen and C.-A.D. Burnham. 2015. Comparison of sample preparation, instrumentation platforms, and contemporary commercial databases for MALDI-TOF MS identification of clinically relevant mycobacteria. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 53: 2308-15.
  •  McMullen, A.R., C. Mattar, N. Kirmani and C.-A.D. Burnham. 2015. Brown pigments Mycobacterium mageritense as a cause of prosthetic valve endocarditis and bloodstream infection. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 53: 2777-2780.
  •  McMullen, A.R. and C.-A.D. Burnham. 2016. Be Serious: Post-Traumatic Endopthalmitis. Clinical Chemistry, 61: 37-40.
  •  McMullen, A.R., N. Anderson, and C.-A.D. Burnham. 2016. Pathology Consultation on Influenza Diagnostics. American Journal of Clinical Pathology, 145: 440-8.
  •  McMullen, A.R., M. Wallace, D. Pincus, K. Wilkey and C.-A. Burnham. 2016. Evaluation of the VITEK MS MALDI-TOF MS System for Identification of Clinically Relevant Filamentous Fungi. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 54: 2068-73.