Department of Pathology, Section of Anatomic Pathology


Office Phone: (706) 721-2925 
Office Address: BF-212/BAE-2576

Vice Chairman for Translation Research

Chief, Section of Molecular and Genetic Pathology

Associate Director Residency Program

Director, Georgia Esoteric & Molecular Laboratory at Augusta University

Appointment Date
July 2012

Appointment Type
Full Time

MBBS, 2001: Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Aurangabad, India.
PhD, 2006; Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS.

Residency and Postdoctoral Fellowship
2008 - 2012, Resident, Pathology AP/CP, Augusta University.

2011 - 2012, Chief Resident, Augusta University.

2007 - 2008, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Augusta University

01/14 - 12/14, Fellowship, Teaching Scholars Tract, EII, Augusta University

Care Philosophy

  • As a Molecular and Genetic Pathologist, I am actively engaged in molecular and cytogenetic evaluation of patient samples as a part of the multi- disciplinary clinical team treating patients. It is my goal to render not only the most accurate diagnosis but also to provide and develop the highest quality predictive and prognostic tests as a part of personalized medicine. This approach helps my clinical colleagues take the best possible care of the patient while at the same time advancing our scientific knowledge in these areas. My clinical work involves molecular evaluation of various pathologic disorders and malignancies.
  • As a CLIA Laboratory Director, I am involved in identifying and validating newer cutting-edge platforms for diagnostic medicine. I am actively collaborating with industry partners and platform manufacturers to develop, validate new instruments for pathology. I am also actively involved in medical and graduate education and translation pathology research.

Major Interests 

  • Surgical Pathology
  • Breast Pathology 
  • Molecular Pathology and Cancer Cytogenetics
  • Pathology Informatics

Certification and Licensures

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology: Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.
  • Fellow College of American Pathology (FCAP).
  • Fellow American Society of Clinical Pathology (FASCP).
  • Georgia State Medical License (Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners): Active and unrestricted.
  • Clinical Laboratory Director License (CLIA), Georgia Department of Community Health, State of Georgia.

Research Projects

SARS2 SeroPrevalence And Respiratory Tract Assessment (SPARTA) (NIAIID Study )

The goal of this project is to understand the immune responses that emerge in response to this Sars-COV-2 infection in frontline workers. We will measure when immune responses develop, how long they last, and, importantly, if antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 or other immune system components provide immune protection from re-infection. Further, we will examine immunological, demographic, and medical risk factors for infection outcome and examine immune responses to infection across the disease spectrum. As vaccines become available for the population, we also want to analyze the antibody responses specific to vaccine administrations.

Adaptive Pooling for faster COVID-19 testing

 The goal of this project is to develop a pooling algorithm for COVID19 testing to provide confirmed results of a greater number of samples in a single round of testing (up to 200:1), increasing throughput and using fewer resources.

Understanding the role of JAK inhibition (with Ruxolitinib) on Donor T-cell population

GVHD is a major complication of allogeneic HSCT caused by alloreactive donor T cells. After bone marrow transplantation, the alloreactive donor T cells recognize the alloantigens presented by MHC in the recipients and initiate the pathogenesis of GVHD. The contribution of different subsets of donor T cells to GVHD is different. The overarching goal of this project is to investigate by pulsing donor cells with Ruxolitinib in the presence or absence of G-CSF, donor cells do not cause GVHD or cause only minor GVHD after transplantation.

Utility of IL-6 Measurement in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients as a Screening Tool for Cytokine-Release Syndrome and Multi-Organ Failure

The goal of this study is to evaluate the utility and role of the IL-6 kit to identify severe inflammatory responses in patients with confirmed COVID-19 illness and to aid in determining the risk of intubation with mechanical ventilation, in conjunction with clinical findings and the results of another laboratory testing.

Cellular Heterogeneity and Tumor Microenvironment in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Disparities

The goal of this project is to develop innovative therapeutic strategies targeting tumor cells and the tumor microenvironment (TME) in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), which disproportionally affects African American and other minority populations. We hypothesize that differential cellular subpopulations comprising tumor cells and the TME may contribute to disparate TNBC prevalence and treatment outcomes.

 Devising and developing new molecular laboratory tests (LDT).

-Identifying newer validated platforms and incorporating them in the development of advanced molecular testing in human diseases.

-Performing CLIA validation, applying for PLA codes for new technologies.

Teaching Areas

  • Medical Students: Phase II pathology – Cytogenetics of myeloproliferative neoplasms, Breast pathology, Surgical Pathology.
  • Phase I Cellular and Molecular Basis of Medicine module- Personalized Medicine
  • Pathology Residents: Molecular Pathology, Surgical Pathology, Cancer Cytogenetics, Breast Pathology, Lab Management.
  • Hematology-oncology Fellows: Molecular Pathology, Cancer Cytogenetics.
  • Med Tech students - Clinical Molecular Methods Lab, Clinical Molecular Methods Internship CLSC 7990
  • PRIDE Summer Institute: Molecular Diagnostics.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine:
  • Pandemic Medicine Elective

Selected Publications

  1. Pankaj Ahluwalia, Kumar Vaibhav, Meenakshi Ahluwalia, Ashis Kumar Mondal, Nikhil Sahajpal, Amyn M. Rojiani and Kolhe, Ravindra. "Infection and immune memory: variables in robust protection by vaccines against SARS-CoV-2." Frontiers in Immunology 12 (2021): 1756.
  1. Sahajpal, N. S. S., Mondal, A. K., Ananth, S., Njau, A., Ahluwalia, P., Newnam, G., ... & Kolhe, R. (2020). SalivaAll: Clinical validation of a sensitive test for saliva collected in healthcare and community settings with pooling utility for SARS-CoV-2 mass surveillance. The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics JMDI-D-20-00497R3.
  1. Boyle, T. A., Mondal, A. K., Saeed-Vafa, D., Ananth, S., Ahluwalia, P., Kothapalli, R., ... & Kolhe, R. (2021). Guideline adherent clinical validation of a comprehensive 170-gene DNA/RNA panel for determination of small variants, copy number variations, splice variants, and fusions on a next-generation sequencing platform in the CLIA setting. Frontiers in Genetics, 12 (2021): 725. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2021.503830.
  1. Sahajpal, Nikhil Shri, Hayk Barseghyan, Ravindra Kolhe, Alex Hastie, and Alka Chaubey. "Optical genome mapping as a next-generation cytogenomic tool for detection of structural and copy number variations for prenatal genomic analyses." Genes 12, no. 3 (2021): 398.
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