Charles Todd Bruker, MD

Charlie Norwood VA Hospital, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Office Phone: (706) 823-2232
Office Address (VA): 2D-109
E-mail:                                                                                                             Dr. Bruker


Chief, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Medical College of Georgia; MD 2002

University of Georgia; BS Chemistry 1998

Residency & Fellowships

Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston; Hematopathology 2011-2012

University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville; Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology 2007-2011

Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth VA; Surgery Internship, 2002-2003

Major Interests

Leukemia / Lymphoma

Breast Pathology


Research Areas

 Breast Pathology

Selected Publications

  • Gandhi SS, Kestler DP, Bruker CT, McLaughlin JM, Heidel RE, Siddiqui S, Foster, JS, Gray KD, Bell JL, Solomon A, Lewis JM. Nuclear Odontogenic Ameloblast-Associated Protein (ODAM) Correlates with Melanoma Sentinel Lymph Node Metastasis. Journal of Cancer Therapy, Oct 2013, 4, 9B. (Attending)
  • Foster JS, Fish LM, Phipps JE, Bruker CT, Lewis JM, Bell JL, Solomon A, Kestler DP. Odontogenic Ameloblast-associated protein (ODAM) inhibits growth and migration of human melanoma cells and elicits PTEN elevation and inactivation of PI3K/AKT signaling. BMC Cancer, 7 May 2013, 13:227. (Attending)
  • Kestler DP, Foster JS, Bruker CT, Prenshaw JW, Kennel SJ, Wall JS, Weiss DT, Solomon A, ODAM Expression Inhibits Human Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis. Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research, 2011;5:73-85. Epub 2011 Apr 28. (PGY-5)
  • Bruker CT, Neff JC. Perforating Microsporidia Colitis. Anatomic Pathology Case of the Month, February 2010, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine E-Publication ( (PGY-5)
  • Bruker CT, Young YD. Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma in Parotidectomy for Warthin’s Tumor: A Case Report. Clinical Pathology Case of the Month, December 2010, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine E-Publication ( (PGY-5)
  • Siddiqui S, Bruker CT, Kestler DP, Foster JS, Gray KD, Solomon A, Bell JL. Odontogenic Ameloblast Associated Protein (ODAM) as a Novel Biomarker for Human Breast Cancer. The American Surgeon, Sept. 2009, 75(9): 769-775. (PGY-3) (PGY-3)
  • Baldwin TM, Bruker CT, Gibbs AE, Sekiya JK. Isolated Anterior Interosseous Nerve Palsy Following Sling Immobilization, Orthopedics, June 2006, 29(6): 543-545. (Post-internship-General Medical Officer)
  • Kazel MD; Sekiya JK; Greene JA; Bruker CT. Percutaneous Correction of Humeral Head Defect (Hill-Sachs) Associated with Anterior Shoulder Instability: a Cadaveric Study. Arthroscopy: Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery, December 2005, 21(12): 1473-1478. (Post-internship-General Medical Officer)
  • Ustun C, Dainer P, Hendricks L, Bruker CT, Burgess R.. Association of Breast Cancer and Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura. Southern Medical Journal, November 2002, 95(11): 1335-1337. (Internship)
  • Bruker CT. The Application of Several NMR Techniques to the Identification of a Complex Cyclic Tryptophan. Honors in Chemistry Thesis. Archived at the Bell Honors Program Library at the University Of Georgia, May 1998. (Undergraduate Research Project and Honors Thesis)