Department of Pathology (Medical College of Georgia)
Department of Basic Science (AU-UGA Medical Partnership)

Office Phone:     (706) 713-2675Dr. Bassett
Office Address : UGA Health Sciences Campus
                             235A Russell Hall
                             1425 Prince Avenue
                             Athens, GA 30602




Associate Professor of Histopathology

Phase 2 Coordinator

Appointment Date

May 2018

Appointment Type



PhD, 2001; Vanderbilt University 

BS, 1996; Tennessee Tech University

Major Interests

Neurodegenerative Disease

Alzheimer Disease

Medical Education

Research Areas

Medical Education

Alzheimer Disease

Teaching Areas

Phase I Histology and Immunology

Phase II Pathology

Selected Publications

  • Bassett, C.N. Montine, T.J. Lipoproteins and lipid peroxidation in Alzheimer’s disease. J Nutr Health Aging. 2003; 7(1):24-9. Review.

  • Bassett, C.N., Swift, L.L., Montine, K.S., Markesbery, W.R., Montine, T.J. Cerebrospinal fluid lipoprotein delivery to human neuronal cells is increased in Alzheimer’s disease and is dependent on apoE monomer concentration. J Alzheimers Dis. 2002 Feb; 4(1): 19-30.  

  • Bassett, C.N., Montine, K.S., Neely, M.D., Swift, L.L., Montine, T.J. Cerebrospinal fluid lipoproteins in Alzheimer’s disease. Microsc Res Tech. 2000 Aug 15; 50(4): 282-6. Review. 

  • Bassett, C.N., Neely, M.D., Sidell, K.R., Markesbery, W.R., Swift, L.L., Montine, T.J. Cerebrospinal fluid lipoproteins are more vulnerable to oxidation in Alzheimer’s disease and are neurotoxic when oxidized ex vivo. Lipids. 1999 Dec; 34(12): 1273-80. 

  • Montine, K.S., Bassett, C.N., Ou, J.J., Markesbery, W.R. Swift, L.L., Montine, T.J. Apolipoprotein E allelic influence on human cerebrospinal fluid apolipoproteins. J Lipid Res. 1998 Dec; 39(12): 2443-51. 

    Selected Presentations


  • Bassett, C. and Gromley, Z. “Integration of Basic Science with Clinical Medicine in the Form of TBL Promotes Students’ Engagement and Learning” Concurrent Session at the Transforming Medical Education: Embracing the Evolution Conference, Oklahoma State University Health Science Center in Tulsa, OK June 16-17, 2016.

  • Bassett, C., Gromley, Z., and Miller, S. “Using Team-Based Learning to Override the Cram and Dump Mentality in Medical Education.” 24th Annual Osteopathic Medical Education Leadership Conference, Austin, TX, 2014 (oral presentation/discussion).

  • Bassett, C., Higgins, B., Monteil, M., and Richardson, W.S. “Transforming Faculty to Teach and Serve in a New Integrated Medical Curriculum.” AAMC Regional Conference of the Southern Group on Educational Affairs (SGEA), Lexington, KY, 2012 (oral presentation/discussion).