Promotion on Non-Tenure Track

These are the general expectations for promotion on the non-tenure track. 

Outstanding performance is expected in the specific area(s) of responsibility, such as teaching, service (usually clinical care), or research/scholarly activity as agreed upon by the faculty member and chair/section chief at the time of appointment and annually thereafter. Competence is expected in the other areas.

Promotion to Associate Professor shall indicate a sustained record of professional achievement. While most of the faculty member's productivity is likely to be clinical service and teaching, a sustained record of scholarly activity with evidence demonstrating quality and contribution are expected. The candidate shall have achieved regional recognition for accomplishments in his/her field.

Promotion to Professor shall be reserved for those who have been recognized nationally or internationally for distinction and excellence of their professional achievements, and who show evidence of continued professional growth. A sustained record of scholarly activity to support the faculty member's primary commitment to clinical care and/or teaching is expected.