These definitions/categories for non-tenure track faculty are currently under development. 

The criteria for promotion within these tracks are consistent with the criteria stated for MCG faculty and include a sustained record of scholarly activity. For faculty in the educator tracks, scholarly activity will likely relate to education or teaching. The forms and evidence of scholarship related to teaching and other educational activities and to clinical care may differ from those traditionally associated with the scholarship of discovery (traditional research). Criteria have been proposed to assess products of scholarship in addition to peer-reviewed publications.  

Scholarship is creative application of the intellect that results in development of a product that is assessed for quality by peers and is made public for others to learn from or build upon. Products of traditional scholarship of discovery are manuscripts and grants, while products of scholarship related to education (including teaching) are typically instructional materials (including web-based, syllabi, case discussion materials), evaluation tools, curriculum development, educational leadership. The common element among these products is that they must be judged using accepted criteria for scholarship, including review by peers for quality and dissemination for others to use. National guidelines have been proposed.

*This is intended as a guide only.