Documentation of Teaching for Promotion/Tenure–"Teaching Portfolio"

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The Board of Regents requires documentation of teaching and teaching effectiveness for promotion and tenure. This documentation, referred to here as the Teaching Portfolio, is part of the larger Promotion Portfolio required for promotion review materials. Augusta University P&T Guidelines


The Augusta University P&T promotion guidelines provide some basic format instructions (see below) for documenting and substantiating contributions in teaching.

Teaching sections of Augusta University P&T guidelines

G. Statement of Teaching (maximum one single-spaced page Calibri 12 point).

This narrative will highlight the candidate’s teaching philosophy, methods and procedures and how these contribute to student learning. This narrative should also highlight the candidate’s contributions in student advising and mentoring.

H. Achievement in Teaching Summary (since the time of last review or promotion).

The candidate should present the information that best supports their candidacy based on expectations of their discipline. This information should be presented in the most concise manner possible using lists, tables, and diagrams. The following are examples that can be included:

a. Please include the summary sheets of faculty and course evaluations for the past 5 years. (required)

b. Evidence of peer review, including letters from peers that have observed the candidate teaching. (required)

c. If advising graduate student projects or residents include communications from up to 5 residents, graduate students, advisees, etc. that address the quality of the supervision that the student received.

d. A list of examples of student achievements such as projects, awards, honors theses, publications, presentations, time to degree for graduate students.

e. List of course and program development activities.

f. Evidence that the candidate assesses whether or not s/he has been successful in increasing student learning outcomes.

g. An annotated list of pedagogical literature and instructional development sessions that have influenced the faculty member’s teaching and how the faculty member has addressed this information in planning his/her classes and instructional strategies.

Faculty seeking to employ a more descriptive template may find this outline useful (see below and at Former MCG Teaching Portfolio template.

State whether you are documenting "Outstanding" or "Competent" contributions in teaching/education.  Indicate the percent of your time devoted to teaching/other educational activities.

   Section 1:  Summary of teaching activities and approximate time commitment

Emphasize activities of the last 5 years.  Separate learner categories if you teach at multiple levels (e.g., medical students, graduate students, allied health students, residents/fellows, peers). More is not better (most faculty have one or a few “most important” contributions).  The extent and impact of your teaching will be linked to the magnitude of your teaching responsibilities.  

Caveat:   Take the time to keep it short—No longer than 5 pages.    

   Section 2:  Most important teaching contribution(s). 

Use only applicable categories.

Direct Teaching Responsibilities 
(e.g., lectures, small group facilitating, precepting, laboratory)

Documentation: Describe your role; provide summary of student evaluations with comparison to course means, if available; peer evaluations; teaching awards with selection criteria) .

Curriculum Development, Instructional Design, and Assessment of Learner Performance (e.g., course development or significant revision)

Documentation: Description of role in projects; include objectives of project, teaching methods selected, preparation of instructional materials (e.g., syllabi, web-based materials, cases). 

Educational Scholarship and Creation of Enduring Educational Materials (e.g., presentations or publications related to education; creative products of educational activity that have been reviewed for quality by peers, made public for others to build upon, and perhaps adopted outside of MCG)

Documentation:   Describe creative work and its impact; describe roles in regional or national professional organizations related to medical education. 

Educational Administration and Leadership (e.g., course or block director, residency program director, advising, Curriculum Committee)

Documentation: Describe leadership role; describe outcomes.

Professional Development in Education

Documentation:  Describe participation in workshops, fellowship, additional credentials in education, specific efforts to enhance education/teaching dimension of your career development, e.g., participation in Center for Educational Excellence programs. 

Advising and Mentorship

Documentation:   Description of advising/mentoring activities; may list advisees/mentees, collaborative projects with students (outcomes), work with students who have academic/personal problems.

 Download: Illustrations of How to Document Educational Activities in an Educator's Portfolio

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