Getting Ready For Your Hospital Stay

About 4 weeks before your due date you should pack a small bag for the hospital. Some of the items you will need are:

■Slippers or shoes
■Toothbrush and toothpaste
■Good fitting bra
■Clothes and underwear to wear home


You may also want to take:

■ Nightwear
■ Robe
■ Hair curlers
■ Deodorant
■ Magazines
■ Note paper, pen

For baby, you will need:

■ Outfit to wear home
■ Blanket
■ Car seat

The hospital cannot be responsible for your money, jewelry, etc. You should leave these things at home.
Be sure to have a name chosen for your baby and have it written down.

When you go to the hospital:

■ Go to the Emergency Room entrance of the hospital
■ Take your packed bag with you
■ Have your husband or other adult go with you
■ Some of the questions you will need to answer for the doctor or nurse are:

■ When is your baby due?

■ When did your contractions start and how often are they coming?

■ Has your water broken? What color was it? What time did it break?

■ Have you had any bleeding?