Getting Ready For Your Baby

Preparing for your baby's arrival takes time. Basic items that you will need at home for your baby are:


■ Diapers
■ Diaper shirts
■ Receiving blankets
■ Large blanket
■ Gowns
■ Sweater


Bath Supplies

■Bath tub (clean sink may be used)
■Alcohol and cotton balls or Q-tips for cord care



Separate place for baby to sleep is important. This can be crib, cradle, bassinet, box or drawer.

■ Mattress
■ Quilted pads
■ Crib sheets


Feeding Equipment

If breastfeeding, no equipment will be needed. If bottle feeding, your baby will need:

■ Sterilizer or large pot with lid
■ Small pan with lid
■ Quart jar or container
■ Punch type can opener
■ Long handle spoon
■ Dish towel
■ 6-8 bottles with nipples, collars
■ Bottle brush


Laundry Supplies

It is best to wash baby's clothes separately using mild detergent such as Dreft or Ivory Snow.

Cloth diapers clean easier if they are soaked in water until ready for wash. 1/4 cup white vinegar in rinse water softens and cleans diapers.


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