Message from the Chairman's Office

Welcome to the Translational Research Program (TRP) of the Department of Medicine.  Established in December 2013, the TRP seeks to foster the development of translational research within the Department, and in so doing, encourage faculty, and trainees (with a faculty mentor), to develop and conduct meritorious projects. 

 The TRP encompasses the NIH definitions of translational science, and includes: 1) basic research; 2) pre-clinical research; 3) clinical research; 4) clinical implementation; and 5) public health.  Built around the Vanderbilt CTSA model, the backbone of the TRP is a vibrant studio program.  A studio is a one hour session between an investigator and a small committee of experts convened to review any facet of a research project.  Our first 15 studios have included assessments of study design, implementation plans, data analyses, and manuscript critiques.  In addition to studios, the TRP offers support in the form of small (<$2,000) research vouchers, as well as assistance in finding a research mentor.  

Educationally, the TRP organizes and conducts a monthly Departmental research conference, offers support to Med I students participating in the Medical Scholars program (the Dean's summer Research Program), and sponsors a similar program for all undergraduate and graduate students through the Student Research Program (SRP).    We look forward to working with you.

 Michael Madaio, MD
 Sydenstricker Professor and Chairman
 Department of Medicine

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 Stanley Nahman, Jr, MD
 Professor of Medicine
 Director, Translational Research Program

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