Interventional Pulmonology is a sub-specialty where minimally invasive procedures are performed to diagnose thoracic malignancies, treat tracheal stenosis, place airway stents, manage complex airways disease and manage pleural effusion.

This specialty has grown exponentially over the past 10 years.  A comprehensive interventional program was launched at Augusta University Medical Center in 2018.

We have the expertise to diagnose peripheral and central lung nodules or masses, accurately stage lung cancer and obtain adequate tissue for molecular and genetic mutation studies.

We diagnose and manage recurrent pleural effusion, whether malignant or benign, with pleural manometry or pleural biopsy as needed.

We perform cryobiopsy to obtain adequate tissue for diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases.

Tumor debulking is done with Nd-YAG laser and other modalities such as cryotherapy, APC, PDT.  Rigid bronchoscopy is performed for tumor debulking and to place both silicone and metallic airway stents to restore airway patency.

The interventional pulmonary team works closely with thoracic surgery and also with a multidisciplinary team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, otolaryngologists to provide an optimum personalized care to our patients.

Tumor Board

Dr. Shaheen Islam is the director of Interventional Pulmonology at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.  He completed a one-year interventional pulmonology fellowship from Lahey Clinic and served as Director of Interventional Pulmonology at Ohio State University, where he developed a successful program prior to joining the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.  Dr. Islam is a national leader in interventional pulmonology and has presented his work both nationally and internationally.  He is board certified in interventional pulmonology.

Disease conditions managed by Interventional Pulmonology

  1. Peripheral and central lung nodules
  2. Lung mass
  3. Mediastinal and hilar lymphadenopathy
  4. Tracheal stenosis (post intubation or idiopathic)
  5. Complex airway management
  6. Malignant airway obstruction (Endobronchial tumor)
  7. Chronic tracheostomy and complications
  8. Pleural effusion (recurrent benign and malignant)
  9. Foreign body retrieval from airway (with rigid or flexible bronchoscopes)
  10. Bronchopleural fistula

 IP procedures performed at AU

  1. Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic flexible bronchoscopy
  2. Medical thoracoscopy
  3. Electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy
  4. Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)
  5. Transbronchial needle aspiration
  6. Narrow band imaging
  7. Nd-YAG laser
  8. Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC)
  9. Electrocautery
  10. Contact cryotherapy
  11. Cryobiopsy
  12. Rigid bronchoscopy
  13. Balloon bronchoplasty
  14. Metallic and silicone airway stent placement
  15. Bronchial thermoplasty
  16. Endobronchial valve placement
  17. Pleuroscopy (pleural biopsy and pleurodesis)
  18. Indwelling pleural catheter
  19. Pleural manometry
  20. Thoracic ultrasound in managing pleural disease
  21. Ultrasound guided critical care procedures
  22. Percutaneous tracheostomy
  23. Transtracheal oxygen catheter placement