Hospital Visits

Our CF care team has an aggressive approach to CF care.  We strive to make “health” our priority and keeping patients healthy is our goal.  However, despite working hard to stay healthy, patients with cystic fibrosis sometimes experience symptoms that may require treatment at home with oral antibiotics or hospitalization for more intensive therapy with IV antibiotics.

Our CF team has an aggressive approach to treating pulmonary exacerbations which we believe helps patients maintain lung function and stay healthier overall.  Although hospitalizations are never pleasant, sometimes they are the most effective way to help a patient return to his or her best health.  The length of the hospital stay varies from individual to individual.  Pediatric patients typically will spend 10-24 days in the hospital, dependency on how the patient responds to therapy.  Our adult patient length of stay tends to be shorter as we implement home IV antibiotic therapy, once an individual shows clinical improvement.

What to expect in the hospital:

  • Airway clearance is a very important part of the treatment process. The patient will receive respiratory therapy including bronchodilators, other inhaled medications, and chest physical therapy 4 times a day while in the hospital.
  • Antibiotics will be given through an IV and sometimes by mouth to treat infection. Blood may be drawn to monitor antibiotic levels. 
  • A nutritional evaluation will be done and weight will be monitored daily.
  • Pulmonary function testing will be performed twice weekly in patients who are old enough to do PFTs.
  • Physical therapy will be offered 4-5 times per week.
  • Child life therapists will help ease the stress of the hospitalization.
  • All patients with CP will be placed on contact isolation per the CF Foundation Guidelines to a private room. Children’s Hospital of Georgia nurses and staff are well trained in caring for children with CF and are dedicated to helping this special group of patients for infection prevention and control.

Pediatric CF patients are admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

Adult CF patients are admitted to a private room on 8 South, to a private room on 6 South, on contact isolation precautions. The nurses and staff on these units are competent and knowledgeable about caring for the CF population.