The Office of Medical Historian in Residence is committed to researching and preserving the history of Augusta University and its legacy institutions. The historical information and images collected are used to reflect mature aspects of our entire institution. The staff is dedicated to delivering quality of service in support of historical research and works collaboratively with others on various projects. 

Meet the Staff

Sarah Braswell

Sarah Braswell, MBA

Historical Research Coordinator MBA, Brenau University BS, Tift College

Sarah Braswell is the Historical Research Coordinator for the Office of Medical Historian in Residence. She has been employed by Augusta University for thirty-four years, having worked in Hospital Admissions, Department of Family Medicine, and Section of Emergency Medicine prior to working with Dr. Ellison in the Office of Hospital Planning and the Office of Medical Historian in Residence. She worked with Dr. Ellison nearly twenty-six years and was the recipient of the 2002 Erie Blissit Award.


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