2021 Match Results

Today we celebrate 226 of our remarkable students taking the next step in their careers as physicians, including 187 from MCG in Augusta and 39 from the AU/UGA Medical Partnership in Athens. These soon-to-be MCG graduates have been educated in all four corners of our state, including at our regional campuses in Albany, Rome and Savannah/Brunswick. 

As of match day, 99% of MCG's graduates have a residency position! This achievement will be widely celebrated by classmates, family and faculty members. Our students' personal and academic accomplishments have placed them at top-tier residency programs across the country, including programs at the Medical College of Georgia. It comes as no surprise that we regularly hear from colleagues all over the United States how well our students are doing in their residency programs. We expect to hear great things about this years' matched students. 
Such Match Day success is something we should fill be proud of, and it is due in large part to not only our students' abilities, but the learning, care, mentorship, and support they have received from MCG's faculty and administrative teams, who are devoted to student success. 
The MCG Office of Learner Affairs guides the important MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation) process. MSPE letters are used by residency programs as part of the selection process. Associate Deans Dr. Kimberly Loomer (Augusta), Dr. Jennifer Tucker (Year 4 Class Dean, Augusta), and Dr. John Francis (Athens) lead the MSPE writing process. Assisting them is a team of MSPE authors and student advisors who met with each student this year. 

So, what are our students doing?

In the PGY-1 year of residency, 71 (31%) of our students matched in Georgia! Of those, 35 (16%) will stay at an AUHealth/MCG or MCG-affiliated residency, including the Medical Partnership programs in Athens, and Wellstar/Kennestone in Atlanta. 
Of note, 137 (61%) students matched into primary care residency programs*: 

  • 44 (19%} in Internal Medicine
  • 19 (8%) in Pediatrics
  • 16 (7%) in Emergency Medicine
  • 15 (7%) in Family Medicine
  • 15 (7%) in OB/GYN
  • 14 (6%) in General Surgery
  • 10 (4%) in Internal Medicine/Prelim
  • 2 (1%) in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • 2 (1%) in Internal Medicine/Psychiatry

*Georgia Board for Physician Workforce definition of primary care

Next steps After PGY-1 (Top 10)

  # %
Internal Medicine 44 21%
Pediatrics 19 9%
Anesthesiology 19 9%
Emergency Medicine 16 7%
Family Medicine 15 7%
Obstetrics/Gynecology 15 7%
General Surgery 14 7%
Psychiatry 13 6%
Orthopeadic Surgery 8 4%
Radiology-Diagnostic (tied) 7 3%
Neurology (tied) 7 3%

And where are they doing it?

  • Students matched in 35 states in 23 specialties.
  • 31% of the class will remain in Georgia for their pt postgraduate year
  • 28% of the class will remain in Georgia for their 2nd postgraduate year
State # %
Georgia 71 31%
Florida 17 8%
North Carolina 14 6%
Texas 14 6%
Tennessee 13 6%
Alabama 13 6%
South Carolina 8 4%
California 8 4%