The Department of Family and Community Medicine sponsors an osteopathic family and community medicine residency program as a part of its larger allopathic program.

These dual programs provide an opportunity for osteopathic resident physicians to obtain family and community medicine certification by both the American Board of Family and Community Medicine and the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians.

Training occurs in a practice with a large ambulatory patient base representative of the wide range of primary care cases. Residents learn clinical skills while practicing with academic faculty who provide comprehensive health care to patients. Care in this venue focuses on the importance of promoting health, managing illness and advancing knowledge for efficient health care to an entire population. A part of this learning experience is the osteopathic concept of healthcare with emphasis on the central role of the musculoskeletal system and the somatic components of disease. Osteopathic Family and Community Medicine gives major emphasis to disease prevention throughout the curriculum. Scholarly activities are focused on research efforts designed to improve the effectiveness of care delivered to patients in health care systems used for education.

The Department of Family and Community Medicine and entire institution look forward to equipping residents with the skills and knowledge necessary to be life-long learners and to provide quality osteopathic and primary care in the future. Prospective residents interested in Osteopathic Family and Community Medicine training and education should contact the Family and Community Medicine Program Coordinators.