Academy 1 We provide several services which aid in the hospital credentialing process. As a part of the EUS course, I will provide ongoing billing assistance, credentialing guidance, and program maintenance assistance. This is provided as a free-service after scheduling an ultrasound course. 

In addition, we offer hands-on training in the emergency department with patients presenting for care in the ED. This service is conducted at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University in Augusta, GA. The goal is to allow you to have supervised, proctored ultrasound training and practice on actual emergency patients. This allows for you to get practice on patients of varying body types and with varying pathology. The goal of this service is to all you to gain practice, knowledge, skill, and "numbers" for your hospital credentialing in emergency ultrasound. Think of this as a mini-fellowship. The difference however is that you will be assigned one-on-one or one-on-two with a credentialed ultrasound provider who will be providing real-time guidance and feedback on your performance.

eus hands onWe also offer ultrasound exam review as a means of allowing you to be credentialed at your hospital. You perform exams at your hospital and we provide an EMERGENCY MEDICINE based over read of your exam. As emergency physicians, we understand the differences between radiology based ultrasound examinations and those performed by clinicians, emergency physicians. Our guidance and review is specifically tailored to emergency physicians. This service can aid in the credentialing process by allowing you to achieve the number of scans needed for your credentialing process.