PEM Fellows, Drs. Marcelo Lacayo Baez and Fatima Ramirez Cueva with PEM Program Director, Dr. Natalie LaneThe Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University fosters the development of academic scholars and new investigators. We are fortunate to have the infrastructure and programs to help develop this part of the fellowship. The following are a couple of opportunities and resources that make this possible.

Dedicated research staff as part of the department of emergency medicine

  • Robert Gibson, Director of Research
  • Anne Marie Kuchinski, Research Associate
  • Houlton Boomer, Research Assistant

Institutional Biostatisticians - Biostatistics Department

  • Departmental support to use biostatistician
  • Member faculty that contribute to the didactics for fellows in biostatistics and epidemiology

Designing Clinical Research Course

  • Curriculum follows the Stephen B Hulley, book by the same name
  • Interactive monthly seminars with other subspecialty fellows from other departments; coordinated by pediatric emergency medicine fellowship director
  • Longitudinal assistance in development of fellow projects through both the course and scholarly oversight committee

Fellows as Teachers Curriculum

  • Dedicated curriculum for fellows in teaching in all venues
  • Evaluation process for improved outcomes
  • Educational Institute for year round opportunities for enhanced teaching efficacy - EII

Annual Departmental Research Day

  • Opportunities in both emergency medicine and pediatrics for presentation of work

Departmental monies to assist in travel and expenses when presenting research

Secure departmental computers within the fellow’s office for data collection and safety

Presentation of productive research at Medical Scholars Research Day - Medical Scholars Program

Take a look at some exciting research from our pediatric emergency medicine fellows

Ohmed Khilji, MD PGY6

    Evaluating Visualization of the appendix post fluid bolus in pediatric appendicitis.

    Fatima Ramirez Cueva, DO PGY6

      ED Saves: Variables Predicting ED intervention in Patients Presenting as Direct Admission to the Hospital

      Eilan Levkowitz, DO PGY5

        Assessing Age-adjusted shock index as an adjunct to improve ESI mis-triage

        Kelli Rummings, DO PGY5

          Missed opportunities: Evaluation of emergency department use preceding non-accidental traumatic burn injuries

          Gary Prusky, MD PGY4

            Ultrasound Evaluation of Obese Patients with Tubovarian Abscess

            Natasha Bennett, MD PGY4

              GIS Mapping of Social Vulnerability within Pediatric Trauma Patients

              Pediatric emergency medicine ongoing research & productivity

              Developmental Assessment of Children with Sickle Cell Disease

              Gibson, Robert

              Implementation of a Pediatric Acute Care Observation Unit (ACOU) for Children with Asthma and Sickle Cell Disease.

              Gibson, Robert

              Isotonic vs. Hypotonic Fluid Administration in Pediatric Care Providers, a Survey Study

              Lane, Natalie

              Ultrasound versus Computerized Tomography for evaluation of acute appendicitis in children at Children’s Hospital of Georgia: A Retrospective Chart Review

              Allen, Kevin

              Role of Ketamine as adjuvant therapy for status asthmaticus in pediatric asthma patients.

              Baer Ellington, Aimee

              Evaluation of Mass Casualty Triage Algorithms in a Pediatric Population

              Lane, Natalie

              Role of Ketamine as adjuvant therapy for acute vaso-occlusive crisis in pediatric sickle cell patients

              Hsu, George

              Assessing the Inter-Rater Reliability of the Clinical Asthma Score (CAS)

              Baer Ellington, Aimee

              Accuracy of Medication Dosing and Equipment Size use by EMS to Treat Children Transported to AUMC CHOG.

              Sutton, Danielle

              Predicting Severe Pneumonia in the Emergency Department: A Global Study of the Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN)

              Tucker, Jennifer

              Longitudinal Evaluation of the Required Level of Supervision for Pediatric Fellows

              Lane, Natalie

              Improving predictive ability of the Broselow Tape's weight estimation.

              Saeed, Wajeeha

              Improving Mental Health Screening in the Pediatric Emergency Department, A Pilot Study

              Farish, Alexandria

              • Pediatric ED Saves: Analyzing the ED Screen of Direct Admissions                                                            Fatima Ramirez Cueva, DO, Gary Prusky Grinberg, DO, Ann Marie Kuchinski, Ph.D., Robert Gibson, Ph.D., Hongyan Xu, Ph.D., Li Fang Zhang, MS, Desiree Seeyave, MBBS                                                                      Pediatric Quality and Safety (accepted July 2023)

              • Gross TK, Lane NE, Timm NL, et al                                                                                                                            AAP Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Crowding in the Emergency Department: Challenges and Best Practices for the Care of Children.                                                                                                            Pediatrics. 2023;151(3):e2022060972

              • Addition of Midthigh Circumference Improves PredictiveAbility of Broselow Tape Weight Estimation (2022)
                Wajeeha Saeed, MD, Amber Akbar, BS, Muhammad Waseem, MD, Ann-Marie Kuchinski, PhD,§ Hongyan Xu, PhD, and Robert W. Gibson, PhD
                Pediatric Emergency Care • Volume 38, Number 9, September 2022

              • Efficacy of Various Facial Protective Equipment for Infection Control in a Healthcare Setting. (2021)
                Dinsmore, J., Brands, S., Perry, S., Lopez, M., Dong, Y., Palasz, D., Tucker, J. E., Hsu, G. S.-C.
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              • Methemoglobinemia. Pediatrics in Review (2021)
                Kaminecki, I., Huang, D. M.
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              • Development of a Telemedicine Screening Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic (2021)
                Kin, E., Kaminecki, I., Gaid, E., Lopez, M., Kalia, M., Zheng, J., Oliver, A., Xu, H., Kim, T., Seeyave, D. M., Coule, P., Lyon, M.
                Telemedicine and e-Health.

              • Cutaneous delivery systems/patches (2021)
                Seeyave D. 
                In: Emergency Management of the Hi-Tech Patient in Acute and Critical Care. Wiley. p.203-208. , June 2021. ISBN: 978-1-119-26292-3

              • Utility of Body Habitus Parameters to Determin and Improve the Accuracy of the Broselow Tap. (2020)
                Wajeeha Saeed, MD,  Saurabh Talathi, MD, Upma Suneja, MD,  Neha Gupta, MD,  Akhila Reddy Mandadi, MD,  Hongyan Xu, PhD, Mark Leber, MD,  Muhammad Waseem, MD
                Pediatr Emergency Care. Volume 38, Number 1, January 2022; 10.1097. et al. [published online ahead of print, 2020 Jul 24]. 

              • Case 1: Electrolyte Abnormalities in 7-day-old Girl (2019)
                Kaminecki, I., Vates, T., Barrows, F., & Hudome, S.
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              • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria: Diagnostic Challenges in Pediatric Patient (2019)
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              • A Potential Pitfall of Using Focused Assessment With Sonography for Trauma in Pediatric Trauma (2019)
                Baer Ellington, A. , Kuhn, W. and Lyon, M. 
                J Ultrasound Med, 38: 1637-1642. doi:10.1002/jum.14837

              • Unusual rash development in a 7-year-old male (2017)
                Percy KD, Federico MD, Mellick LB.
                Emerg Med Open J.  3(1): 14-15. doi: 10.17140/EMOJ-3- 133 

              • Invasive Yersiniosis in a Pediatric Patient with Beta-Thalassemia Major Causing Acute Decompensation after Rapid Blood Transfusion, a Case Report. (2016)
                Hsu G., Jones A., Thornton A.
                Pediatric Emergency Care

              • A Survey of Pneumococcal Prophylaxis Practices among Sickle Cell Providers (2016)
                Clay ELJ, HSU G, Xu H, Pace
                Journal of Pediatrics & Child Health Care,  BS 6-2016 

              • To Swim or Not to Swim? A Review of Drowning Injuries in Children (2016)
                Sutton, D. Allen, K.A. 
                EPIC: The Magazine of the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians, Fall 2016. (2016 October)

              • Therapeutic Hypothermia Following Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, Is There Any Benefit? (2016)
                Hsu, G. Farish, A.
                EPIC: The Magazine of the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians, Summer 2016. (2016 June)

              • Patient- and family-centered care of children in the emergency department. (2015)
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