Daniel Linder, PhD 

Assistant Professor & Data Science Program Director

PhD (Biostatistics), Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University, Augusta, GA, 2013


(706) 721-5752
room number AE-1037
Daniel Linder, PhD


Biochemical reaction networks, stochastic epidemic models, Bayesian variable selection, efficient sampling design

Dr. Linder’s research interests lie broadly in developing mathematical and statistical methods to address the plethora of new data types encountered in applied research. Specifically, he has developed methods for parameter inference and topology estimation in stochastic biological systems, with emphasis on gene regulatory networks (microarray and RNA-seq analysis) and disease dynamic models. He is particularly interested in the interplay of stochastic biological models and Bayesian statistics. In addition, he has developed sampling methodology to improve sample information, and hence increase power, in linear and generalized linear models, which will allow researchers to decrease study costs while maintaining desired study power.



Graduate teachings in Bayesian statistics, stochastic processes, biostatistics, SAS/R data management



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