The Mei Lab

Representative Publications


  • Z.H. Huang, Y. Wang, G. Hu, J-L. Zhou, L. Mei, and W-C. Xiong. YAP is a critical inducer of SOCS3, negatively regulating JAK-STAT pathway, reactive astrogliosis, and neuro-inflammation in developing mouse brain.  Cerebral Cortex. 26:2299–2310, 2015
  • Z.H. Huang, D. Sun, J.X. Hu, F.L. Tang, D.H. Lee, Y. Wang, G. Hu, X.J. Zhu, J. Zhou, L. Mei, W.C. Xiong. Neogenin Promotes BMP2 Activation of YAP and Smad1 and Enhances Astrocytic Differentiation in Developing Mouse Neocortex. J Neurosci. 36:5833-5849, 2016
  •  Z.H. Huang, J. Hu, J. Pan, Y. Wang, G. Hu, J. Zhou, L. Mei and W.-C. Xiong. YAP Stabilizes Smad1 and Promotes BMP2-induced Neocortical Astrocytic Differentiation. Development 143:2398-2409, 2016
  •  L. Xiong, W.F. Xia, F.L. Tang, J.X. Pan, L. Mei, W.C. Xiong. Retromer in Osteoblasts Interacts With Protein Phosphatase 1 Regulator Subunit 14C, Terminates Parathyroid Hormone's Signaling, and Promotes Its Catabolic Response. EBioMedicine 9:45-60, 2016.
  •  X.D. Sun,*,** L. Li*, F. Liu, Z.H. Huang, J.C. Bean, H.F. Jiao, A. Barik, S.M. Kim, H. Wu, C. Shen, Y. Tian, T.W. Lin, R. Bates, A. Sathyamurthy, Y.J. Chen, D.M. Yin, L. Xiong, H.P. Lin, J.X. Hu, B.M. Li, T.M. Gao, W.C. Xiong, Lin Mei**. Lrp4 in astrocytes modulates glutamatergic transmission. Nature Neuroscience 19:1010-1018, 2016 (*, equal contributing; **, corresponding)
  •  Kravic, D. Huraskin, A.D. Frick, J. Jung, V. Redai, R. Palmisano, S. Marchetto, J.P. Borg, L. Mei, S. Hashemolhosseini. LAP proteins are localized at the postsynaptic membrane of neuromuscular junctions and appear to modulate synaptic morphology and transmission. J. Neurochem. 2016 Jun 20. doi: 10.1111/jnc.13710. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Barik1,# L. Li#, A. Sathyamurthy, W.C. Xiong, and L. Mei. Schwann cells in neuromuscular junction formation and maintenance. J. Neuroscience 36:9770-9781, 2016 (Cover) (#, equal contributing)
  • Sun, T. Ikrar, M.F. Davis, N. Gong, X. Zheng, Z.D. Luo, C. Lai, L. Mei, T.C. Holmes, S.P. Gandhi, X. Xu. Neuregulin-1/ErbB4 Signaling Regulates Visual Cortical Plasticity. Neuron, 192: 160-173, 2016.
    Li,* Y. Cao,* H. Wu, X. Ye, Z. Zhu, G. Xing, C. Shen, A. Barik, B. Zhang, X. Xie, W. Zhi, L. Gan, H. Su, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei. Enzymatic activity of the scaffold protein rapsyn for synapse formation. Neuron (in press). (*, equal contributing)
  • Li,* Y. Cao,* H. Wu, X. Ye, Z. Zhu, G. Xing, C. Shen, A. Barik, B. Zhang, X. Xie, W. Zhi, L. Gan, H. Su, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei. Enzymatic activity of the scaffold protein rapsyn for synapse formation. Neuron (in press). (*, equal contributing)


  • D.M. Yin*, Y.J. Chen*, S. Liu, H. Jiao, C.Y. Shen, A. Sathyamurthy, T.W. Lin, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei** and C. Bergson**. Calcyon Stimulates Neuregulin 1 Maturation and Signaling. Molecular Psychiatry 20:1251-1260, 2015 (*, co-first; **, co-correspondent)

  • L.L. Bi*, X.D. Sun*, J. Zhang, Y.S. Lu, Y.H. Chen, J. Wang, M. Zhang, F. Geng, J.H. Liu, L. Mei**, and T.M. Gao**. Amygdala NRG1-ErbB4 is critical for the modulation of anxiety-like behaviors. Neuropsychopharmacology 40:974-986, 2015 (*, co-first; **, co-correspondent)

  • Sathyamurthy, D.M. Yin, A. Barik, C.Y. Shen, J. Bean, J.X. She, W.C. Xiong and L. Mei. ERBB3 regulation of Bergmann glia cell proliferation is required for cerebellar lamination. Development 142: 522-532, 2015.
  • Yao, P. Zheng, H. Wu, L.-M. Song, X.-F. Ying, C. Xing, Y. Li, Z.-Q. Xiao, X.-N. Zhou, T. Shen, L. Chen, Y.-H. Liu, M.-D. Lai, L. Mei, T.-M. Gao, and J.-M. Li. Erbin interacts with c-Cbl and promotes tumourigenesis and tumour growth in colorectal cancer by preventing c-Cbl-mediated ubiquitination and down-regulation of EGFR. J. Pathology 236:65-77, 2015
  • Xiong*, J.U. Jung*, H. Wu*, W.F. Xia, J.X. Pan, C. Shen, L. Mei**, W.C. Xiong**. Lrp4 in osteoblasts suppresses bone formation and promotes osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 112:3487-92, 2015 (*, co-first; **, co-correspondent)
  • C.M. Xie, D. Wei, L. Zhao, S. Marchetto, L. Mei, J.-P. Borg, and Y. Sun. Erbin is a novel substrate of Sag-βTrCP E3 ligase that regulates KrasG12D-induced skin tumorigenesis. J. Cell Biol. 209:721-738, 2015
  • Wu*, A. Barik*, Y. Lu, C. Shen, A. Bowman, L. Li, A. Sathyamurthy, T.W. Lin, W.C. Xiong, and L. Mei. Slit2 as a β-catenin/Ctnnb1-dependent retrograde signal for presynaptic differentiation. eLife 4:e07266, 2015 (*, co-first)
  • F-L. Tang, J. Erion, Y. Tian, W. Liu, D-M. Yin, J. Ye, B-S. Tang, L. Mei, and W-C. Xiong.  VPS35 in dopamine neurons is required for endosome-to-Golgi retrieval of LAMP2a, a receptor for chaperone-mediated autophage that is crucial for a-synuclein degradation and prevention of pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease. J. Neurosci. 35: 10613-10628, 2015.
  • Marino, F. Scuderi, D. Samengo, G. Saltelli, M.T. Maiuri, C. Shen, L. Mei, M. Sabatelli, G. Pani, G. Antonini, A. Evoli, E. Bartoccioni E. Flow Cytofluorimetric Analysis of Anti-LRP4 (LDL Receptor-Related Protein 4) Autoantibodies in Italian Patients with Myasthenia Gravis. PLoS One 10:e0135378, 2015
  • Shi, X. Huang, B. Zhang, D. Zhu, H. Luo, Q. Lu, W.C. Xiong, Lin Mei,* and S. Luo*. The Inhibition of Heat Shock Protein 90 Facilitates the Degradation of Poly-Alanine Expanded Poly (A) Binding Protein Nuclear 1 via the Carboxyl Terminus of Heat Shock Protein 70-Interacting Protein. PLoS One. 10: e0138936, 2015
  • F-L. Tang, W. Liu, J.X. Hu, J.R. Erion, J. Ye, L. Mei, and W-C. Xiong. VPS35 deficiency or mutation causes dopaminergic neuronal loss by impairing mitochondrial fusion and function. Cell Rep. 12:1631-1643, 2015
  • Y.-F. Guan, C.-Y. Wu, Y.-Y. Fang, Y.-N. Zeng, Z.-Y. Luo, S.-J. Lia, X.-W. Lia, X.-H. Zhu, L. Mei, and T.-M. Gao. Neuregulin 1 protects against ischemic brain injury via ErbB4 receptors by increasing GABAergic transmission. Neuroscience 307: 151-159, 2015
  • Tian, F.L. Tang, X. Sun, L. Wen, L. Mei, B.S. Tang, W.C. Xiong. VPS35-deficiency results in an impaired AMPA receptor trafficking and decreased dendritic spine maturation. Mol. Brain. 8:70, 2015.
  • Z.-H. Huang, Y. Wang, G. Hu, J-L. Zhou, L. Mei, and W-C. Xiong. YAP is a critical inducer of SOCS3, negatively regulating JAK-STAT pathway, reactive astrogliosis, and neuro-inflammation in developing mouse brain.  Cerebral Cortex. 26:2299–2310, 2015


  • B.Zhang*, C. Shen*; B. Bealmear, S. Ragheb, W.-C. Xiong, R.A. Lewis, R.P. Lisak and L. Mei. Autoantibodies to agrin in myasthenia gravis patients. PLoS One 9(3):e91816, 2014 (*, equal first author)
  • A.Barik, B. Zhang, G.S. Sohal, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei. Crosstalk between Agrin and Wnt signaling pathways in development of vertebrate neuromuscular junction. Dev. Neurobiol. 74:828-838, 2014
  • J.C. Bean, T.W. Lin, A. Sathyamurthy, D.M. Yin, W.C. Xiong, and L. Mei. Genetic labeling reveals novel cellular targets of schizophrenia susceptibility gene: distribution of GABA and non-GABA ErbB4-positive cells in adult mouse brain. J. Neurosci. 34:13549-1366, 2014. (Highlighted in This Week in the Journal, Journal of Neuroscience)
  • A.Barik*, Y. Lu*, A. Sathyamurthy, A. Bowman, C. Shen, L. Li, W.C. Xiong and L. Mei. LRP4 is critical for neuromuscular junction maintenance. J. Neurosci. (*, co-first) 34:13892-13905, 2014 (Cover Story)
  • Y.Tao*, C. Shen*, S. Luo*, W. Traoré*, S. Marchetto, M.-J. Santoni, L. Xu, B. Wu, R. Bates, X. Liu, W.C. Xiong, J.-P. Borg**, and L. Mei**. Erbin promotes homodimerization and stability of ErbB2 for breast tumor growth. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 111: 4429-4438. (*, co-first; **, co-correspondent)
  • Y.Lu,* X.-D. Sun,* F.-Q. Hou, F. Liu, L.L. Bi, D.M. Yin, Y.J. Chen, J. Bean, H.F. Jiao, X. Liu, B.M. Li, W.C. Xiong, T.M. Gao** and L. Mei**. Maintenance of GABAergic activity by neuregulin 1/ErbB4 in amygdala for fear conditioning memory. Neuron 84:835-846, 2014 (*, co-first; **, co-correspondent)


  • C.L. Wang, F.L. Tang, Y. Peng, C.Y. Shen, L. Mei, W.C. Xiong, VPS35 regulates developing mouse hippocampal neuronal morphogenesis by promoting retrograde trafficking of BACE1. Biol Open. 1:1248-1257, 2011. PMID: 23259059.

  • Y. Tao*, Y. Chen*, C. Shen*, Z. Luo, C.R. Bates,D. Lee, S. Marchetto, T.-M. Gao, J.-P. Borg, W.C. Xiong, Lin Mei. Erbin interacts with TARP gamma-2 for surface expression of AMPA receptors in cortical interneurons. Nature Neurosci. 16:290-299, 2013.  (*, co-first) PMID: 23354328.

  • W.-F. Xia, F. Tang, L. Xiong, J. Jung, S. Xiong, X.-S. Li, X. Feng, L. Mei, and W.C. Xiong. Vps35-loss promotes hyper-resorptive osteoclastogenesis and osteoporosis via sustained RANKL signaling. J. Cell Biol., 200:821-37, 2013.  PMID: 23509071.

  • D.M. Yin*, Y.J. Chen*, Y.S. Lu, J.C. Bean, A. Sathyamurthy, C.Y. Shen, X.H. Liu, T.W. Lin, C.A. Smith, W.C. Xiong, and L. Mei. Reversal of schizophrenia-like deficits in neuregulin 1 transgenic mice. Neuron 78:644-657, 2013. (highlighted by Preview, Neuron 78:577, 2013) PMID: 23719163.

  • W-F. Xia, J-U. Jung, S. Cui, S. Xiong, L. Xiong, X-M. Shi, L., Mei, and W-C. Xiong*. Swedish mutant APP suppresses osteoblast differentiation and causes osteoporotic deficit, which is ameliorated by NAC anti-oxidant. J. Bone Min. Res. 28:2122-35. PMID: 23649480.

  • C. Shen*, B. Zhang*, Y. Lu*, D. Figueiredo‎, H. Wu, B. Arnab, W.C. Xiong and L. Mei. Immunization with LRP4 induces myasthenia gravis in mice. J. Clin. Invest. 123:5190–5202, 2013. 

  • D.M. Yin, J.C. Bean, T.W. Lin, A. Sathyamurthy, W.C. Xiong, Y.J. Chen* and L. Mei*. The schizophrenia risk factor ErbB4 regulates spine formation through a non-cell-autonomous mechanism. J. Neurosci. 33:19295-19303, 2013 (*, co-correspondent)


  • B. Zhang, J.S. Tzartos, M. Belimezi, S. Ragheb, B. Bealmear, R.A. Lewis, W.C. Xiong, R.P. Lisak, S.J. Tzartos, Lin Mei. Autoantibodies to LRP4 in double seronegative myasthenia gravis patients. Archive Neurol. 69:445-451, 2012

  • Y. Liu, Y. Peng, P-G. Dai, Q-S. Du, L. Mei, and W-C. Xiong. Differential regulation of myosin X movements by its cargos, DCC and neogenin. J. Cell Sci. 125:751-762, 2012

  • A. Amenta, H. Creely, M.L.T. Mercado, H. Hagiwara, B. McKechnie, B. Lechner, S. Rossi, Q. Wang, R. Owens, E. Marrero, L. Mei, W. Hoch, M. Young, D. McQuillan, R. Rotundo, and J. Fallon. Biglycan is an extracellular MuSK binding protein important for synapse stability. J. Neurosci. 32:2324-2334, 2012

  • G.H. Tan1, Y.Y. Liu1, X.L. Hu1, D.M. Yin, L. Mei* and Z.Q. Xiong*. Neuregulin1 represses limbic epileptogenesis via activation of ErbB4 signaling in parvalbumin-positive interneurons. Nature Neurosci. 15:258-266, 2012 (1, co-first; *, co-correspondent)

  • Y. Zong, B. Zhang, S. Gu, K. Lee, J. Zhou, G. Yao, D. Figueiredo, K. Perry, L. Mei* and Rongsheng Jin*. Structural basis of neuron-specific regulation of postsynaptic differentiation. Genes & Development. 26:247-258, 2012 (Cover) (*, co-correspondence).

  • H.T. Wu, Y.S. Lu, C.Y. Shen, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei. Distinct Roles of Muscle and motoneuron LRP4 in Neuromuscular Junction Formation. Neuron, 75:94-107, 2012.

  • H.T. Wu*, Yisheng Lu*, A. Barik, A. Joseph, M.M. Taketo, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei. beta-Catenin gain-of-function in muscles impairs neuromuscular junction formation. Development, 139:2392-2404.

  • B. Zhang, C. Liang, R. Bates, Y. Yin, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei. Wnt proteins regulate AChR clustering in muscle cells. Mol. Brain, 5:7 doi:10.1186/1756-6606-5-7, 2012

  • C. Liang*, Y. Tao*,**, C. Shen, Z. Tan, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei**. Erbin is required for myelination in regenerated axons after injury. J. Neurosci., 32:15169-15180, 2012 (*, co-first; **, co-correspondent). PMID: 23100438.


  • A. Ting, Y. Chen, L. Wen, D.M. Yin, C. Shen, Y. Tao, X. Liu, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei. Neuregulin 1 promotes excitatory synapse development specifically in GABAergic interneurons. J. Neurosci. 31:15-25, 2011.

  • S. Cui, F. Xiong, Y. Hong, J-U. Jung, X-S. Li, J-Z. Liu, R. Yan, L. Mei, X. Feng, and W-C. Xiong. APPswe/Ab regulation of osteoclast activation and RAGE expression in an age dependent manner. J. Bone Min. Res. 26:1084-1098, 2011.

  • X.H. Liu, R. Bates, D.M. Yin, C.Y. Shen, F. Wang, S. Nan, S.A. Kirov, Y. Luo, J.-Z. Wang, W.C. Xiong, and L. Mei. Specific regulation of NRG1 isoform expression by neuronal activity. J. Neurosci. 31:8491-8501, 2011

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  • C.B. Chan*, Y. Chen*, X. Liu, X. Tang, C.W. Lee, L. Mei, K. Ye. PIKE-mediated PI3-kinase activity is required for AMPA receptor surface expression. EMBO J. 30:4274-86, 2011 (*, equal contribution)

  • L. Wen*, F-L. Tang*, Y. Hong, S-W. Luo, C-L. Wang, W. He, C-Y. Shen, F. Xiong, J-U. Jung, D-H. Lee, Q-G. Zhang, D. Brann, T-W. Kim, R. Yan, L. Mei, and W-C. Xiong. Vps35 haploinsufficiency increases Alzheimer's disease neuropathology. J. Cell Biol. 195:765-779, 2011 (*, equal contribution)


  • L. Wen1, Y.S. Lu1, X. Zhu1, X.M. Li, R.-S. Woo, Y.-J. Chen, D.-M. Yin, C. Lai, A. Vazdarjanova, W.C. Xiong, and L. Mei. Neuregulin 1 regulates pyramidal neuron activity via ErbB4 in parvalbumin-positive interneurons. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 107:1211-1216, 2010

  • Y.E. Yu1, L. Wen1, J. Silva, Z. Li, K. Head, K. Sossey-Alaoui, A. Pao, L. Mei, and J.K. Cowell. Lgi1 null mutant mice exhibit myoclonic seizures and CA1 neuronal hyperexcitability. Hum. Mol. Genet. 19:1702-1711, 2010

  • D.H. Lee, L.J. Zhou, Z. Zhou, J.X. Xie, J.U. Jung, Y. Liu, C.X. Xi, L. Mei, W.C. Xiong. Neogenin inhibits HJV secretion and regulates BMP induced hepcidin expression and iron homeostasis. Blood 115:3136-3145, 2010

  • J. Pang, S. Zhang, P. Yang, B. Hawkins-Lee, J. Zhong, Y. Zhang, B. Ochoa, J.A. Agundez, M.A. Voelckel, W. Gu, W.C. Xiong, L. Mei, J.X. She, C.Y. Wang. Loss-of-function mutations in HPSE2 cause the autosomal recessive urofacial syndrome. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 86:957-962, 2010

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  • P.-C. Chen, L.-N. Qin, X.-M. Li, B. Walters, J. Wilson, L. Mei, and S. Wilson. The proteasome-associated deubiquitinating enzyme Usp14 is essential for the maintenance of synaptic ubiquitin levels and the development of neuromuscular junctions. J. Neurosci. 29:10909-10919, 2009

  • S.-W. Luo#, C. Zhang#, B. Zhang, C.-H. Kim, Y.-Z. Qiu, Q.-S. Du, L. Mei, and W.C. Xiong. Regulation of heterochromatin remodeling and myogenin expression during muscle differentiation by FAK interaction with MBD2. EMBO J. 28:2568-2582, 2009

  • C-X. Xi, F. Xiong, Z. Zhou, L. Mei, and W-C. Xiong. PYK2 interacts with MyD88 and regulates LPS-induced NF-kB activation in macrophages. J. Leuk. Biol. 87:415-423, 2009


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