DODI Residency Program


  • To establish a research track residency program at MCG in the Department of Medicine and other aligned departments.
  • To provide research training in biomedical research to residents in the initial years of clinical training.

Application Process

Applicants will be specifically recruited through joint efforts between clinical residency program directors and the Discovery Institute. The application process will consist of application to the MCG residency program and will include interviews with basic science faculty in areas of interest pre-selected by the applicant. After acceptance into the clinical residency, application material will be submitted to the MCG College of Graduate Studies for acceptance into the Masters in Biomedical Science Program at MCG. Acceptance into both the clinical residency programs and the Master s Degree of biomedical sciences is requisite for admission into the Research Residency track.

Review criteria for participation

Clinical Requirements

Applicants to the DODI residency program must hold a practicing clinical doctoral degree (M.D., D.O. or similar degree) and be admitted entry into a clinical residency program at MCG. Doctorates from non-U.S. medical programs will require successful completion of the United States Medical Licensing Exam with a passing score greater than 80th percentile.

Graduate Requirements

Applicants must also apply and be admitted to the MCG College of Graduate Studies Masters in Biomedical Science Program. GRE scores are waived for earned doctorates but degrees from non-U.S. medical programs will require state-mandated transcript review by an external agency determined by the College of Graduate Studies. Fees for transcript review will be covered by the DODI after initial admission criteria are met.


Eligible mentors will be selected from tenure-track faculty holding a rank of Assistant Professor or higher in a basic science or clinical department at MCG. Preference will be based on the level of commitment to DODI programs, established funding for the mentor research program, experience in mentoring as determined by participation in DODI education activities and the level of engagement in educational program in the MCG Schools of Medicine and Graduate Studies.

Program Details

The DODI Research Residency will consist of three-years of dedicated research work with protected time for research work prior to the onset of residency training.

Continuous support of the residency program is contingent on consistent commitment and satisfactory progress by the resident-mentor team. Progress reports are expected to the DODI at 6 months intervals confirming the continued dedication and engagement of the team. Dissolution of the team would result in termination of DODI support. Termination by the mentor despite resident commitment would bar the mentor from future support by the DODI residency program. Termination by the resident to return to clinical practice would prohibit DODI support at later stages of career development.