The Well-being Liaison Officer (WLO) is tasked with supporting a coordinated, systematic, and sustained effort to prevent and ameliorate burnout, and to promote the positive psychological well-being of faculty, residents and students throughout the Medical College of Georgia.

Improvements in these areas are linked to enhanced quality outcomes, patient satisfaction, and faculty and student recruitment and retention.

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  • Communicating a coherent philosophical vision to addressing burnout and well-being
  • Consulting with and providing well-being-related psychoeducation to stakeholders across MCG 
  • Supporting a coordinated approach to assessing burnout and well-being that is based on the best available science and practices
  • Supporting a coordinated approach to implementing interventions to prevent/ameliorate burnout and enhance positive psychological well-being across MCG, based on the best available science and practices 



Dr. Michael Rollock is the Well-being Liaison Officer. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Health Behavior and an Attending Clinical Psychologist at East Central Regional Hospital.

Dr. Rollock's training is in systems-oriented, culturally responsive, and strength-based approaches that impact mental health outcomes. While recognizing the contributions of practitioners and trainees who are deeply engaged, inspired, and well-supported, Dr. Rollock also noted the professional and personal toll inflicted by clinician and physician burnout. His academic program development, and educational efforts have addressed the enhancement of positive psychological well-being of medical and psychology students, residents, faculty, and clinicians who practice in academic health and hospital settings. He is excited to contribute his expertise in this area by coaching, supporting, and bringing into alignment Well-being Champions and stakeholders who are committed to expanding our mission of excellence in education, discovery, patient care, and service, to equally include our own well-being, and vitality. 

The position of Well-being Liaison Officer was created under the leadership of Dr. Vaughn McCall, Executive Vice Dean and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs.

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Dr. Michael Rollock

  • Well-being Liaison Officer