Responsible computing increases reliability for everyone

Please remember that your computing activities can impact MCG's Research, Educational, and Clinical activities. In accordance with the Information Systems Security and Computer Usage policy, all users, including faculty, students, employees and visitors, are expected to refrain from activities which consume resources unnecessarily or otherwise decrease network performance and reliability for the MCG community. This includes but is not limited to peer-to-peer music and movie sharing and video service hosting.

If you are unsure or you have any questions about acceptable use of computing resources on campus, please contact the IT Service Desk at 1-4000 or


ITSS offers software site licenses to the MCG community at discounted rates. Sometimes software is even free, including free anti-virus software. Search what software is available.


iPrint lets employees, partners, and customers access printers from a variety of locations. Users install printers and manage print jobs using a Web browser. Administrators can use a printer list or create custom maps to help users find the closest printer.

Classroom Support

Classroom Services provides solutions and resources for the delivery and integration of distance education and for both on- and off-campus audiovisual needs by incorporating emerging technologies into instruction and classrooms.

Our goal is to provide faculty a variety of tools in their instructional technology toolbox that they can choose from to meet their goals. In the case of “ Power in the Podium”, faculty now have a choice of using either Windows or the Macintosh operating system in the podiums.

Instruction Support and Educational Design provides a Faculty Media Studio, that gives faculty or students with a faculty sponsor access to multimedia and design software and one-on-one consultations.

Research computing

MCG Research Computing Support (RCS) offers access to professional technical assistance, programming and database support, data storage, business continuity and disaster recovery for research, high performance computing, video conferencing software, high speed dedicated fiber optic access through National Lambda Rail (NLR) to the Georgia Research Alliance universities, other universities, as well as hardware and software purchase consultation.

File storage and backup

It's important to keep your programs and files organized and back up your files regularly to avoid a major data loss. MCG provides file server space for all faculty and staff for storing their personal as well as departmentally shared folders and documents. Areas are also provided for applications which need to be shared on the network and for file transfers other people or workstations.


MCG recommends that students bring computers that meet its minimum hardware specifications to maximize their use of MCG IT resources.