Central Mission

The central mission of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program is to apply rigorous scientific principles to understand the molecular and biochemical mechanisms underlying normal and pathological processes in humans.

 Research Mission

The research mission of the program incorporates multidisciplinary collaboration, with both basic and clinical investigators using cutting-edge technologies to investigate normal and disease states. Research in the program will be supported by major funding agencies, and the insight gained by the work will be disseminated in reputable peer-reviewed journals.

Education Mission

The education mission underpins all aspects of the program, as faculty participate in the teaching of undergraduate, medical and graduate students in multidisciplinary courses where understanding at the molecular level is emphasized. The education mission is also central to the research mission as students at all levels are important contributors to laboratory research, where they are trained to be competitive for educational and research positions in diverse academic and industrial environments.

The program mission supports the institutional mission of commitment to excellence in research and teaching, and has the common goal of discovery and dissemination of knowledge that can be applied to the treatment and prevention of disease.