Anesthesiology Residency Program

Why choose Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Georgia?

Integrated Program

Your four-year training includes a PGY1 year with various subspecialties preceding your foray into the operating room.

Anesthesia rotations being in April allowing you three additional months of experience before the academic year starts in July.

Revamped Education Program

Our new curriculum better meets the needs of our residents protected didactic times emphasize the topics of greatest importance to anesthesiology residents.

World Class Simulation Center

The Interdisciplinary Simulation Center is an important part of training from its onset. Beginning in your PGY1 year, you will learn everything from the basics of inserting an IV to OSCE-style sessions with case scenarios and standardized patients. This hands-on simulation training better prepares residents for the APPLIED exam before graduation.

Perioperative Surgical Home

The Department of Anesthesiology has a great relationship with its surgical colleagues. Part of our Perioperative surgical home is a formal ERAS pathway. We believe in holistic patient care with starts in our preoperative clinic and continues through until complete recovery.

One Hospital Location

Our residents train within the AU Health system and thus perform a majority of their cases under one roof while still receiving the necessary diversity of cases to become an independent anesthesiologist. We are home to the region's only tertiary children’s hospital as well as a Level 1 trauma center and stroke center.

Resident responsibilities

Residents are expected to:

  • Develop a personal program of self study and professional growth with guidance from the teaching staff.
  • Participate in safe, effective and compassionate patient care under supervision, commensurate with their level of advancement and responsibility.
  • Participate fully in the educational activities of their program and, as required, assume responsibility for teaching and supervising other residents and students.
  • Participate in institutional programs and activities involving the medical staff and adhere to established practices, procedures, and policies of the institutions.
  • Participate in institutional committees and councils, especially those that relate to patient care review activities, and
  • Apply cost containment measures in the provision of patient care.

The department endeavors to consider the religious and/or moral objections of residents so as not to require participation in elective procedures which residents believe violate their ethical values.

user icon Program Director: Mary Arthur, MD, FASE

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